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    La Liga official complaint about City

    Surely our books are the most monitored in European football bear in mind how big the CAS case was.
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    Apology to the club

    The court don't have blue shirts on or care about football emotions unfortunately. - A general fan see's this as harmless.The prosecuting peeps will see the bit after the celebration as the steward (who is just doing his job) getting flattened by you unecessarily. At 19 seconds on this...
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    14th Doctor announced by the BBC

    I think Dr Who is the worst series on TV.
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    How Much Does Your Haircut Cost?

    I cut my own (2 all over), however go to the barbers to tidy neck up every so often. Went in and for just a back and sides (took no more than 5 mins) and whacked me a tenner for my troubles. Back in six months :P
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    West Ham United (A) | Post-Match Thread

    He'd be direct enough to give defenders issues. He's been ever present when we've hammered (pardon the pun) them, and our wingers and midfielders have a knack of finding him. Just has that habit of being in the right place when you least expect it.
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    West Ham United (A) | Post-Match Thread

    Personally I couldn't believe Ake isn't fit enough to start. Zinchenko was absolutely rubbish. Almost as bad as the the Leicester game where Albrighton tore him to shreds. Luckily Vinny shoots and we forget that. And finally Foden not getting ANY game time is criminal. Imagine Mbappe Haaland or...
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    CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)

    We just gonna see a charge then off to CAS again?
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    Gardening / Landscape Gardening Experts?

    Enjoying my first year with no hedges or grass. Just fences, block paving out front and artificial turf and patio out back. As close to zero maintenance as you can get.
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    Good Food in MCR

    Tbf I've seen it in Instagram and it looks amazing. Just not too keen on lamb. But the way it's presented looks spectacular.
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    It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread

    It's time to get good money for Sterling, Jesus, Zin, Gundo and maybe Laporte. Get Haaland in, Gundo in part ex for Bellingham. Adding Alvarez is now a must. Then a dynamic left back is the missing piece of the puzzle. We have to integrate Palmer more too.
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    Good Food in MCR

    Bumping thread. I'm trying dishoom next week. Anything off the menu people recommend? Prefer the chicken/veg stuff usually rather than lamb/fish dishes. Did Toms Chop House at Christmas, great hearty food. Nice atmosphere too. I'll also add Hatch have a pop up called FUKU. You need to try the...
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    Erling Haaland

    Played the bad guy well but looked after his clients interests. Maybe the stance on working with people he had grudges with was relaxed knowing his health was deteriorating.
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    Gabriel Jesus | The Athletic - £45m agreement reached with Arsenal

    I'd push him to Spurs in a player plus cash for Kane.. Alvarez Kane and Haaland woof
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    Premier League (midweek games) 19/20/21 April '22

    Leicester and Burnley wins make things interesting down the bottom. But I'd rather Burnley go down. Also United get something tonight and beat Arsenal and their momentum would get them 4th. Lose both and season officially over. Liverpool winning just shifts eyes onto our match.
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    Bands worth knowing. You know but most in here would never have heard of.

    I've got one for my fellow indie people. Mando Diao, a Swedish band. Very similar to Oasis in that two men share the vocals but more Libertines in appearance (leather jackets etc). You'll hear about 5 other bands like the Coral, OCS etc. They formed early 90s, made no effort to break the UK...
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