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    Zabaleta won the 2009 World Poker Championship with a 2 of hearts, 4 of clubs, a joker card, a number 7 card from the game uno and a monopoly get out of jail free card. True Story
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    Inside death row

    why is the cat on death row? Was it an armed robbery on a dairy farm that went wrong or something?
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    New Nike Kit 13/14? (Merged)

    Re: Nike shirt leaked ?
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    Balotelli (continued - bust up with Mancini pg 18)

    'If you dont put that bib on correctly this time, I'm going to shove it up your........'
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    November Player of the Month

    Nastastic for me but zaba and clichy deserve a mention
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    No DAM respect!

    Only Hart , Tevez and Kompany made the effort to acknowledge the fans, the rest of the team looked like they where more assed about getting back to the changing rooms to check their twitter accounts. It was a great day till the second half kicked off.
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    Freakiest moments in Film

    the stabbing scene in zodiac gruesome
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    Top Phil Jones facts

    Phil Jones has more england caps then messi & ronaldo put together
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    Red Dwarf X

    Looking forward to it and I really hope they can improve on back to earth which was well below par for red dwarf
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    Keith Lemon film

    I have a cineworld card and its got to be the first time I've actually wanted to walk out of a film. It just seems like a slap in the face how bad it really is, I find celebrity juice funny and I thought keith lemons world tour was great but this....its just terrible and it should of been...
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    Harry Potter

    Go on a tour of the studios then well worth it if your a fan. I went a couple of weeks ago with the misses because shes a big fan. I wasnt really expecting much but its really good.
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    96wne tattoo

    More teeth then brain cells.
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    Rattlesnake kills preacher, biting him on stage!

    First off these snakes screw over adam and eve, now this?!?!? Next thing you know they will be coming into this country and taking all our jobs!
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    The end of Dzeko

    I think to be honest Dzeko didnt really do himself any favours yesterday. He basically come on and looked dis-interested and sulked. Where as he could of come on and really worked hard, got on the score sheet and give mancini the dillema of who to start against Norwich. But instead he come on...
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