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    Premier League Games 28/29 August

    For all the money they have spent they have won fuckall playing decent football
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    Erling Haaland

    He would suit the way they play aswell looks at the amount of chances Werner gets and misses. If we can't get him would rather he went to another league.
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    Saul Niguez

    what's happened to him? can't get in the spain team or the athletico team. Still remember the wonder solo goal he scored against Pep's Bayern.
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    Chelsea thread 2020/21

    That was the convenient reason Hazard used but doubt it was the main reason he got an offer directly from Abramovich to triple his salary.
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    Chelsea thread 2020/21

    Yep that's where Pep stands out over a season he adapts but one off games sometimes he over does it but he will learn from this and I expect us to back in the final again next year.
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    Europa League Final | United lose on pens to Villarreal

    Same he was wasted at PSG having to play right wing to accommodate big nose.
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    Spurs thread 2020/21

    Let's not forget Levy is a genius, master negotiator and very shrewd probably just a part of his master plan.
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    Premier League Games Sunday 23rd May

    Don't think they have squad depth for the champions league atleast you can play a second team in the europa legaue can't really do that in the champions league because they don't know if they will get into again. Look at what happened to Marseille.
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    The Super League | FA + PL: New Charter & Fines | UEFA: Settlement

    It suited the likes of Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea who have had seasons outside the top 4. Bayern and PSG don't have that issue to worry about.
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    Match Thread | Fulham vs Man City (13/03/21)

    To be fair to the lad not many options for him when he gets the ball the pressing has been on point
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    Match Thread | Everton vs Man City (17/02/21)

    Someone saw this coming in their melons
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    Who should be our penalty taker?

    Not the best penalty but atleast it was on target all the others try too hard to put in the top corner and it goes wide. Suprised no one in our squad is trying the delayed run up used by Balotelli, Jorginho and the rat Fernandez looks silly but seems quite effective.
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    Alisson Becker - The Myth

    Same with Trent when they were talking him being the best right back in the world it was laughable I'll admit he's good going forward but at actually doing his job which is to defend first and foremost he is doghsit. It was embarrassing how easily Sterling went past him hopefully players take...
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    Match Thread | West Brom vs Man City (26/101/21)

    Same the timing did make giggle [emoji1787]
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    #14 | Aymeric Laporte - 2020/21 Performances

    Don't think we even need to rely on Stones for that formation you could easily have Walker Dias and Laporte as the Centre Backs with Cancelo and Mendy as wingbacks.
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