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    Shooting towards the south stand second half

    makes sense as otherwise more would switch it. that slippy scouse **** obviously tried to play a little mind game though. read before that the players dont like attacking the end with the away fans
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    Things you might have missed?

    Fucking hell I thought that was Alan partridge
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    How are we all feeling about today’s game?

    Username checks out
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    The Final Push...

    Don’t milk it mate
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    Aston Villa (h) May 22

    patience pays off. nothing all day on the site but after a week of refreshing I got one. use a laptop and when it pops up click 'best available' on the right
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    Aston Villa (h) May 22

    For anyone looking, they do appear on the official site. Just always go before managing to buy! 5 or so popped up yesterday from 17:00-23:00. Been refreshing from 05:00 this morning but haven’t seen any!
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    Wolves away .

    Another one looking for a spare for tomorrow.
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    Real Madrid (A) Post Match Thread

    Some embarrassing comments on here, pathetic. Complaining about pep. Gutting we’re out. But blaming Pep and making out we’re shit, fuck me. Should we have gone out? No. Were we naive? Yeah. Was the ref shit? Yeah. Are the scouse cunts going to win the quad? No. Blame the club for not signing a...
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    Liverpool tickets wanted

    Keeps showing as restricted sale for me despite having the history ?
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    Liverpool tickets wanted

    Booking *
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    Liverpool tickets wanted

    No tickets have been available for ages despite that biking history?
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    Liverpool tickets wanted

    Again… not gonna happen but I’ll owe you my life/a pound of flesh/ a go on the mrs if anyone’s got one spare
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    Liverpool tickets wanted

    I know it’s not going to happen, but if anyone’s got a spare drop me a PM
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    Everton (a) post-match thread

    Massive 3 points Foden is a legend fuck the scouse c**s I love zinchenko
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