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    Don't think he's got any more "prolific", this season? Not sure where that angle is coming from... It's the end of November, and he's got 2 League goals. Yes, he works hard, but nothing's changed IMO; I don't think he scores enough
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    When Henry met Mr Barton

    Though there is some good points in there (notably about Gerrard not stretching himself), the big problem I have is the notion that his "background" makes him in any way unique or "different" in the world of professional football? I would imagine that the vast majority of trainees/players still...
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    Terry retires from international football {merged}

    To respond to your first highlighted point, my understanding is that, although this is Terry's "defence", Fedinand has stated that he accused Terry of nothing, and wasn't even aware of what Terry had shouted until after the match? Has this changed? And to your second point; what form do you...
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    Ferguson written letter to fans

    A very good point; as I recall he avoided any censure for not appearing for interviews post-match. I notice he's had the cheek this week to complain about his players struggling to perform due to the "emotion" and enormity of the 50-year anniversary game, which is a bit rich as it was United...
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    Mourinho quitting? (merged)

    Re: Mourinho ready to quit? Besides which, Mourinho DID play football in Portugal?? In the lower divisions, admittedly, but he is still a former professional player.
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    Who is up for the most one-side, inaccurate and unjustified

    To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by The Observer this morning - the Richard William's piece was one of 4 about the final, the other 3 being about us (including the "normal" match report). The overall tone was miles more positive, including references to a lot of our player's humble...
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    The Official I was Alive when we last won anything thread

    A couple of weeks old (born late January 1976). Don't remember much of the game, though tbh...
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    Interesting Explanation Re Shirts

    Have to disagree with you on this bit mate; we're something like the 10th most successful English Club ever - in the context of a history stretching back 117(?) years the last 30 years or so are fairly small beer (though it felt like a LONG time!). As far as the COA is concerned it seems pretty...
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    Spurs v Arsenal 20th April very important - come on Arsenal

    Admire your optimism but, for me, we have to hope for an Arsenal win! If that happens, Spurs have West Brom, and then Chelsea. If we get a couple of results, a bit of a gap may open... Not sure why the general feeling on here is leaning towards a Spurs win being the most likely result anyway...
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    The 'I'm not bothered' excuse from red tw*ts

    Well, perhaps the first line of my response was a little intemperate! Of the 3, it may usually be seen as the "least" important - however, their reaction after the game suggests otherwise. We shouldn't underestimate their desire to stop us winning a trophy - witness last years Carling Cup...
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    The 'I'm not bothered' excuse from red tw*ts

    Utter bollocks. This will be only the second time since 1995 that a club other than the "Big Four" have won the FA Cup.
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    Scholes on City

    We're they're main rivals because, historically, we always have been. The respective qualities of the two teams don't matter; we were still United's main rivals when we were in the third tier. History didn't start with the invention of the Champions League...
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    Hansen has his say....

    Well, we don't let Barry and Milner take the penalties for a start...
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    Real Madrid v Tottenham Hotspur CL QF L2 (page 59)

    Played 12 Won 5 Drew 3 Lost 4 You lost one third of the games you played. In a cup competition. In the 4 games in the Knock-Out part of the competition (the "proper" bit, if you like), you scored 1 goal. Well done for reaching the QF, but let's keep it in perspective...
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    Did Mancini put his own CV ahead of City's interests?

    I suppose it's certainly one possible explanation - part of Mancini's "USP", if you like, is that he's won something at every club he's been at; it's plausible to think he may be keen on that continuing. However, I personally hope not - and suspect there's no way we'll ever know!
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