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    Pub recommendations City Centre

    Cheers pal, will check them out
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    Pub recommendations City Centre

    Just moved round the corner to the Black Lion, decent pub. Rovers is alright too
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    Last Film You Saw

    Just got round to watching Legend, about the Krays Tom Hardy is brilliant
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    Alcohol, hints, tips, advice etc.

    Bit of both, definitely a bit gimmicky as most people will do it then celebrate by getting twatted I’ve done it before and found it useful. Opened my eyes to the benefits of not drinking (better sleep, saved a fortune, lost weight etc) so it’s well worth a go for some, good place to start if...
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    Ref Watch

    Ref Waits half an hour to warn them about time wasting. Then when he does he walks half way across the pitch to tell the keeper, doesn’t book him, and makes him wait til he’s waddled back to the half way line to take the goal kick. Literally tells him (half arsed) to stop time wasting while he...
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    Southampton (H) | Post Match Thread

    Southampton did well, seemed like they won every ball and pressured us into mistakes. Not an ideal result with the games we have coming up but I have faith. Come on city!!
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    Southampton (H) - Sat 18 Sep 15:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    If we were going off players who impressed in the CL final we’d be thin on the ground
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    Champions League - 2021/22 | Group A: PSG, Leipzig, Brugge

    Should be grateful they haven’t been slung out for FFP breaches
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    RB Leipzig (H) - CL - Wed 15 Sep 20:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    Or 4 pointer ..
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    Champions League Games 14/15 September

    Ronaldo too old to keep up with the young boys green and gold scarves be back out tomorrow
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    Champions League - 2021/22 | Group A: PSG, Leipzig, Brugge

    Not had that (had it a while ago) but it’s exactly what my brother needs as his ticket has deleted itself
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    Leicester (A) - Post-Match Thread

    Probably not on current form, no. But his goal record for us is fantastic so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and trust he will get back in form.
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    Leicester (A) - Post-Match Thread

    We would walk the league with any decent striker. And we will walk it out without one too
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    Leicester (A) - Post-Match Thread

    Dunno where he’d go. Madrid are getting Mbappe and seemingly balls deep for Haaland, Barca are beyond skint, PSG don’t need him, Bayern won’t pay his wages, and anywhere else (In fact even probably all of the above) are a step down from us
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    Seasoncard - 2021/22

    No idea how this has happened but my brother and me have both ended up with my season ticket on our phones. Assume this wasn’t the case before as we both went to Arsenal and Norwich games. Can he just re-download his ticket from the original link?
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