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    Lack of enthusiasm thread

    Can’t be arsed with this thread. I’ve got better things to be unenthusiastic about
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    Kevin De Bruyne wins PFA Player of the Year

    The BBC actually say that “Liverpool players head PFA award list“
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    Muffin or Barm

    Oh good, this thread has resurfaced again. or as Taylor said “stupendous!”
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    Diego Rosa Signs For City

    That isn’t what his Mum said, when she saw the state of his bedroom
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    Harry Maguire found guilty in Greece

    so who do you think the BBC will choose to play the staring role, when they turn this into a six part drama?
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    The Messi Mambo 2020

    So is this going to be the 2020 equivalent of the Kaka saga?
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    Lyon CL QF Post-Match Thread

    When I saw the line up and change in tactics, I kept thinking that Pep was trying out a system in readiness for playing Bayern. I think that’s why he persevered with it for so long, even though it clearly wasn’t working effectively. Despite it being a poor performance, at 1-1 it looked like we...
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    Lyon CL QF Pre-Match Thread (15/08/20)

    Beginning to get nervous now. We’re playing with the big boys, so I hope all the lads play to their full potential. Straight at them from the start and I hope we catch Lyon sleeping tonight
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    Welcome to Mondelēz...

    Was she partial to a finger of fudge?
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    Welcome to Mondelēz...

    We should Wispa this announcement from the rooftops
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    KDB wins Premier League Player of the Season

    KDB if we’re talking about football. If we’re taking into account off the pitch activities, then I’m going for Nelson Mandela
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    Is the fifth LM by any chance? Or is it time to put him in the folder alongside Kaka?
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    Sheffield Wednesday (A) - FA Cup R5 Post-Match Thread

    Will there be ‘Owls of protest?
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    joke thread....

    I just left with a case of Corona
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    The “ninety-niners”. Appropriate as they’re a bunch of Flakes
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