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    Eric Garcia to Barcelona?

    If Garcia stays until next season and then leaves, would we not get a fee set by a tribunal. Similar to the dippers having to pay £6.5m for Danny Ings from Burnley in 2015. Or am I barking up the wrong tree.
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    Scariest away day following City

    Loads in the 70's when I was a young buck and going to every away game. Leeds, Derby and West Ham are indelibly printed in my mind though. Not sure if my brother rammyblues agrees and to be fair most away trips had an element of looking after yourself and mates.
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    FA Cup QF - Newcastle (A) - Sat 21 Mar 7pm

    That was weirdly good!!
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    FA Cup QF - Newcastle (A) - Sat 21 Mar 7pm

    Half time 1-1. Self isolation for 12 weeks has officially sent me nuts......even in the virtual World our corners are crap lol
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    Sheff Utd post match thread

    Great win and Laporte looked dead on his feet when he was substituted. Jesus needs to be relieved of penalty taking duty. Three misses out of the last four he's taken in the Premier League isn't a great stat!!
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    Wolves - post match

    Unfortunately an all too common performance from this season.
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    Newcastle (a) post-match thread

    I sort of agree with what you saying, but our finishing is poor as well. When you can't defend and you can't put relatively straight forward chances away at the other end your always going to struggle. The injuries are taking their toll especially at the back.
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    Mourinho announced as new Spurs coach

    And so the three year Mouriniho cycle begins!!
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    Leeds away 1977 FA Cup

    Me and rammyblues went to this game and like others have said you did run the gauntlet after the game. I seem to remember a couple of weeks prior to this cup tie we played Leeds in the league and lost heavily, and driving back after that game the live draw was on the radio and we got Leeds...
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    Ederson out Sunday

    If he doesn't recover I say lets put Walker between the sticks and play him as a fly goalie like we used to at school!!!!
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    Liverpool (a) post-match thread

    Ah well as we all know the Premier league is a marathon and not a sprint. However these injuries are starting to take affect. We should have replaced Kompany in the summer but we didn't, I can't understand why some young lads aren't being given a go, they couldn't do any worse!!
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    Bernardo Silva charged with misconduct by FA

    Apparently it's the FA's minimum suspension. An article in the Times during the summer. Both FIFA and UEFA want 10 match bans:
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    Var debate 2019/20

    You can't celebrate a goal, this will ruin football in this Country as our game is all about the passion it creates. VAR is crap utterly crap!!!
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    Spurs (H) Post Match Thread

    Funny thing is and forget all our anger at VAR once again, but we did create enough chances to win 3 footie matches never mind one, but unfortunately we squandered them!!
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    Cover bands

    A few of the older guys in the club I'm a member of saw the Syd led Pink Floyd at the Nelson Imperial Club along with other music greats the Beatles, the Stones, Jimi hendrix. All before my time I'm afraid, I was 9 in 1967.......I'd have love to seen an early Floyd gig, some of the footage you...