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    Hi, I went into Rehab at a place called Pierpoint in St Annes back in 1999 (Heroin addiction). It saved my life and I recall going in thinking it wouldn't work (no matter how bad things are there's a part of every addict that, in their lowest moments, wonders whether they want to really give...
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    Chelsea home

    I have 1 adult ticket available. Colin bell,near front of level 3. £40.
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    Newcastle (H)

    I have adult ticket available. Cb level 3. Excellent view. £35.
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    Burnley (H) - Tickets wanted

    I have just had another ticket come up. South stand level 2. £15. Meet in centre within next couple hour or at stadium from 14.00 onward.
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    Burnley (H) - Tickets wanted

    I have 1 adult tckt spare. Colin bell stand. Level 3 , excellent view. £25.
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    Took my kid today which I don't often get to do. I noticed they didn't search him at all and waved him through. That kinda makes every other search pointless as if I wanted to smuggle anything in (which I dont) then that's the obv way forward. Is it normal not to bother searching kids? I'm...
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    It's Quiet - a new dawn

    It's still happening. BBC and co just making assumptions as lemar has told arsenal where to go. Doesn't mean Sanchez will stay.
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    Strangeways Prison

    As Peoffrey says, the main thing is boredom. Just become a number who nobody cares about. If you find anyone starting bother do stand up for yourself and chances are it wont happen again. Erm also...depending who the victim was (in that if it was female) id keep that info quiet obviously and...
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    Liverpool (h)

    I have 1 adult ticket spare. East stand level 3.£40
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    Swansea Home 05/02/17

    Brilliant, cheers pal.
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    Swansea Home 05/02/17

    Taking my son today. He's only 7 but having to use an adult card. Is this likely to be a problem as obviously not his? Or will they not care as no money lost to the club?
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    Your generations best XI

    Good thread. I've gone for a standard 442 Buffon Cafu Baresi Nesta Maldini Ronaldo Baggio Zidane Messi Van Basten Maradona Subs Ronaldo (Brazil) Rivaldo Gullit Klinsmann Ineista
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    Chelsea 3rd December

    Adult Ticket available. East stand level 3 excellent view. I cant make game so happy to sell for £36 (seasoncard cost/19). Would need to pick up this week as im going away. Ta
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    The Telegraph set to release evidence of corruption in the Premier League withing the coming days

    The businesses they name aren't that as such. They are tax avoidance schemes. So the people may not know who else has bought into them but obv still dodgy as hell
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    Good things gone bad

    Soccer AM, loved in in days of Lovejoy. Gone steadily downhill since and now totally cringeworthingly unwatchable
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