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    joke thread....

    The Fourth grade school teacher asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Little Kevin says: "I wanna start out as a Marine Pilot, then work for the CIA and establish contacts so as to become a billionaire smuggling guns and drugs, going to the most expensive clubs, find me the finest...
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    Words and phrases you don't hear any more.

    Ha ha! I use that at least 10 times a day, down here. Nobody has a scooby what I'm saying, and I just get blank stares - apart from Mrs. NSF, from whom I either get an eye roll, or a withering stare, depending on how many times I've said it.
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    Celebrities you like ...

    .... I will need pics first, before I send you my phone nbr. ....
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    Media Thread - 2020/21

    You are Oscar Wilde, and I claim my 5 guineas .....
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    The photos thread

    ... I take it that you tripped-up, over all the fcuking cables lying around your penthouse??
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    Advice needed

    Point of order, Mr. Speaker ..... That looks more like a Front door ....??
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    TV Series

    Per Wiki .........
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    TV Series

    My son-in-law was bugging me for months to watch this. Just finished it all last week. It's 3 series x 10 episodes each, and in my opinion, fwiw, the exact same story could have been done in a total of 15/20 episodes - just seemed to be too much 'filler'. The good parts were excellent...
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    TV Series

    100% correct ..... VERY good .... Rhys was excellent in "The Americans" and he continues it here. Watching the last episode tonight.
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    Harry Maguire found guilty in Greece

    I thought Maguire was a number 5, not a Six ...??
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    The photos thread

    Duly noted ...!! Ha ha! Look forward to it, mate.
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    What else do you enjoy aside from football?

    ... You three need to get together ....
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    The photos thread

    For Barcon ....... Black River .......
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    The photos thread

    Guess you were in Sandals/Whitehouse? I've been down here for the last 15 yrs. Was in BOS/JFK/LAX since 1976, before that. My wife flew with Air Jamaica until she retired 2 yrs ago. It's OK down here ... would like to get back to the UK though ... the grass is always greener etc. etc...
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    The photos thread

    Hey Mr. Barcon ... Just trying to dry-out from tropical storm Laura last night .. plenty of flooding all over, and it won't have e made the B7 / B8 any better than it was! Not been out west since last year, and usually go to Black River, just south of Whitehouse - when the grandkids come out...
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