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    A man does need a hobby !!

    I've got Ray Ransons shirt from brighton away, we won 1-0, and at end of match, myself and a few mates were on the side line terrace got on the pitch and i asked him for it and fair play he took it off and gave it to me, NEVER been washed ! following week was luton at home, least said the better
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    A serious look at Marcello Gallardo

    don't think our club shop is big enough
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    Chants we may never hear at the Etihad again?

    oh sun jihai he's a ****** not a thai
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    Bernardo burn on Liverpool fans

    that's brilliant hahaha
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    Etihad sponsorship deal.

    it will be difficult for the airline to sponsor that type of money again with the covid19 pandemic taking its toll on airlines worldwide
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    No history? City "firsts"!

    and 1st thursday game, and possibly friday night game not including good friday or over xmas, i'm sure someone here could confirm
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    I'm a sheep

    watched it last night, hate footy or should i say city on tv when i know i should be there, especially with the good lady ( an evertonian ) sitting next to me making comments that make no sense, if i can't go for some strange reason then its a pub tv where its a little better, draught beer...
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    Does anyone who went to Madrid for the first leg think they contracted the virus over there ?

    I had no problems after milan game, however, my journey to madrid was a flight from manchester to barcelona, several beers in a few bars then early train to madrid, met up with a group of friends, beer, metro and match, then after game a few more beers and train back to barcelona for flight, two...
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    Lokeren Away 2003

    went with TC, coach to ground and all the little bars were closed and loads of police so walked in opposite direction of everyone and found a bar about a mile away, everytime i bought a beer i was given a plate of cheese and mustard, lovely. went to the ground, gene kelly end past all the sweet...
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    Tiger King (Netflix)

    watched it last night thinking it was a film, a very interesting documentary
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    UEFA in one decide

    THIEVES, they've stolen the game from the fans
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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    I believe that this is only the beginning, Mubarak said they would spend £30 million defending our club against these allegations, and i believe him. i have no doubts of the integrity of Mubarak and Sheik Mansour this i feel, could be the start of a breakaway from eufa who will only have...
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    City at Wembley in the last ten years - can you remember them all?

    done 18 of the 19 at wembley, only visit missed v spuds when they moved to a monday night, best of them, utd in semi final was good but the nerves on edge all game, so stoke in the final as it was the catalyst of 35 years waiting and the new beginning
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    Criticism of Pep

    i'd include Tony Book in that group
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    How are we feeling about renewals

    Have been season ticket/card holder for 35 years and yes will be renewing for next season, but VAR is seriously pissing me off, lets hope for some improvement next season, but won't hold my breath. I have 25k points so can get tickets for away matches ok, and i'm sure many will agree the away...
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