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    The photos thread

    The view from the other side of the valley to my house. I live in one of the houses in the far tree line. The large building are the ruins of a chateau.
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    Who are the fittest sportsmen?

    I seem to remember that years ago there was a programme on TV where different sportsmen competed against each other in general fitness challenges. What I remember most is that every time an F1 driver appeared on the show they won.
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    What are you listening to.................RIGHT NOW!!!

    A Perfect Circle.......Weak and Powerless
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    Book suggestions

    Unwritten letters to Spring Street Due to be published in, possibly, June. This book has taken 10 years of my sisters life and therefore I have to recommend it to everyone even before its published. It's the story of my Great Uncle Jack during the war. More details are available on the website...
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    Spurious Claim to Fame

    My mum and dad live next door to the ex wife of the singer from a 70's band whose Christmas song is played everywhere when it's Christmas.
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    VE DAY

    The request was not for a days holiday but just for it to be recognised as a 'day' which it currently isn't. This is why they are known as the 'Forgotten Army '.
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    VE DAY

    VJ day has not been made a bank holiday. A petition to have it as a national day, ie not a holiday but marked, was turned down by the government, thus the forgotten army will remain forgotten by a large number people.
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    (A-Z Artist or Band Name) Now Indexed

    And a proper video
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    (A-Z Artist or Band Name) Now Indexed

    Guess I've been waiting for N.
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