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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    It’s incredible we just creamed PSG and BT sport are singing the praises of their front 3 in particular mbappe even showing his first CL goal against city. Time something was done about this anti city nonsense
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    Club Brugge (H) - CL - Post-Match Thread

    Yep Grealish is too slow more pace added to the attack with sterling and Jesus up front
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    Club Brugge (H) - CL - Post-Match Thread

    Zinchenko before cancello your having a naught zinc is like a rabbit in headlights. Never takes a man on poor tackled and wastes cross balls
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    Women's Team - 2021/22

    Yes the commentary is disgraceful on about 2 close offside decisions that might cost the lady rags a victory. Shocking as usual cmon girls put this game to bed
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    Europa League Final | United lose on pens to Villarreal

    Sounds like Kyle Walker to me
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    Leeds (H) | Post Match Thread

    And a very very weak left hand side of the team Ake, Mendy, Vinchenko and sterling
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    Leeds (H) | Post Match Thread

    Why did we have to lose sometime? Pep fucked up once again bringing in players 3/4 who have not featured for weeks it also proves this so called great squad had no depth beyond 13/14 players
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    Leeds (H) | Post Match Thread

    No point in having a quality striker when we cannot create quality chances for him. Wide men are pathetic
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