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    Erling Haaland

    Has anyone thought about the possibility that raiola might not want to deal with us . If we know what he is like maybe he may think we could be difficult to deal with when it comes to negotiating new deal or if it happened trying to get him out after 3/years or so
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    Premier League Games 1/2/3/4 Jan 2021

    Remember at Stoke once he was walking towards the tunnel in the corner after the game to us singing your not fit to referee he pointed to himself and just laughed knowing he's a bent ****
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    The Messi Mambo 2021

    Henderson too ?? ;-)
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    Eric Garcia to Barcelona

    Plus Rodri could play there with ake moving into midfield
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    Eric Garcia to Barcelona

    Probably why pep announced it in press conference
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    Kai Havertz

    As good a player he is carnt shake off the feeling of staying away from German players now . The lure of playing for Munich will always be there and maybe city dont want to put up with the shanigans of having to deal with this issue come contract renewals
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    Man of the Match Arsenal FA Cup s/f (N)

    Option of none is winner here
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    Ameliorating the Parked Bus Conundrum

    Inverted wingers don't work against a packed defence they just come into trouble either lose the ball or pass it backwards to center midfield and across . Need left footer on left right on the right take full back on cross it low and hard across goal for tap ins and far post knock in which was...
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    Premier League Games 7/8/9 July

    Haha same ref that gave that non pen against spurs for same player
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    The Messi Mambo 2021

    Would the powers that be get wind of us trying to do this deal hence why uefa and our ban was pushed though by our rivals to try and scupper this deal ?
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    Burnley (h) post-match thread

    He hurt his knee on a shot he took before that think he's had a bit of trouble on it before playing
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    Summer Transfers

    Wouldn't it make more sense to move Rodri next to laporte with stones and younger players back up ie garcia move fern back into midfield infront of back 4 and work on that position and full backs ?
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    BBC - Pick your ultimate Manchester City title-winning XI

    Ederson Demichelis kompany laporte Fernandinho D.silva kdb yaya sterling Sergio dźeko
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