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    Les McKeown RIP

    A funny story regarding the rollers. I was 18 and had just paid off a ship and got off the train at Piccadilly station. Walking through Piccadilly gardens I heard all this screaming and looked around to see hundreds of young hysterical girls racing towards me. I shit myself and thought, " Bloody...
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    Trouble with neighbours you've done it. Nobody mentions neighbours and the cup of triggers him......
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    Premier League ( midweek ) Games 20/21/22 April

    You want some?
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    The Super League | All 6 PL Clubs have withdrawn

    McGinn said the same. I guess when it's your team and it's a tight game you don't see it. I mean you know at times we're bloody good but I think back more to the 100 point season when I think of that standard.
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    City v PL | Legal Dispute/Appeal

    It's just relentles, they will probably get us one day.
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    The Super League | All 6 PL Clubs have withdrawn

    Go on Gundo.
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    The Super League | All 6 PL Clubs have withdrawn

    Who are they going to play???
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    City v PL | Legal Dispute/Appeal

    It's a constant drip feed of charges and accusations one after another. We can't be the only club out there so called experts could look at and think something's dodgy, can we??? I keep on hearing we have the best owners in the world, that we are the richest club so if that's the case can't we...
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    Seasoncard Renewal - Yes or No?

    I'm waiting to see if we have a bloody club left after the fallout from the cursed Super League, now the court case brought against us by the premier league on other matters!
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    Paedophilia within the game/City launch redress scheme

    It doesn't look good does it? The thing is from a legal viewpoint this isn't the Manchester City it was back then. Totally new ownership so I don't see how they can be held responsible now?I think we set out a compensation fund for the victims because of this too. It's a very sensitive issue.
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    City v PL | Legal Dispute/Appeal

    I'm no expert mate, that's if it is FFP I think it's just speculation at the moment.
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    City v PL | Legal Dispute/Appeal

    It's only just become public, give them time. I'm sure there's plenty of journalist spies who lurk here, expect big headlines soon.
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    City v PL | Legal Dispute/Appeal

    Different FFP rules for different competitions.
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