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    Road rage

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    No-Kill Meat to go on Sale...

    No chance.
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    Papa Bouba Diop RIP

    The former Portsmouth player? I remember him scoring that goal against France in the 2002 WC. Very sad to hear.
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    United thread 2020/21

    The cyber attack has been described as dangerous. I guess that rules out Pogba as a culprit.
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    Diego Maradona has died.

    He was obviously brilliant, but to say he won the WC single handidly with Argentina, and the same with his Napoli successes is going over the top.
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    Anyone else a bit fed up of football?

    The game has become a little boring and predictable.
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    Fifa: Gareth Bale and Zlatan Ibrahimovic query EA Sports game image rights

    Got to hand it to Beckham, he has very good people around him. While most ex-players have to go into coaching, punditry and other avenues which can be challenging, he's not had to struggle like them and is still making lots of money while having it relatively easier compared to his colleagues.
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    Diego Maradona has died.

    He was quite the character: Love his description of Peter Reid.
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    The best thing about Widnes was Eureka.
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    Diego Maradona has died.

    I believe they fell out over Aguero's split from his daughter.
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    Fifa: Gareth Bale and Zlatan Ibrahimovic query EA Sports game image rights

    I loved PES, Roberto Larcos, Von Mistelroom, and Oliver Kalm. True legends of the game.
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    Diego Maradona has died.

    Sad to hear this. He was one of those unique, iconic figures who transcended his field like Muhammed Ali, Bruce Lee, Freddie Mercury, etc. I'm currently watching Maradona in Mexico on netflix, and it really makes you warm to him despite his faults.
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    Crazy penalty shootout

    The Orlando goalkeeper gets a yellow for coming off his line, yet the NYC goalkeeper does the same and the referee does nothing? Nice to know inconsistent, poor officiating is universal.
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    He was at fault for both goals, but he shouldn't change his style. With the way Ederson plays you can't be half in, its either all or nothing. A goalkeeper that's jittery, and is doubting whether to advance or not, makes the whole backline nervous, because they don't what he's going to do. Hart...
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    Oh, Mario...

    I keep forgetting he used to play for Liverpool. Clubs wise, his cv is very impressive.
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