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    Today's shooting in America thread

    Unfortunately, for some on the American right the contradiction and hypocrisy are a feature, not a bug.
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    West Ham (A) - Sun 15th May, 14:00 (BST) | Pre-Match Thread

    Maybe it's already been asked, but why did Egan-Riley come on as a cb against Newcastle instead of Mbete? From my casual following of the eds I'd thought Mbete was our most developed young cb (not that they couldn't show otherwise in training with the senior squad)? I'd almost rather have one...
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    Match Thread | Wolves vs Man City (11/05/22)

    Obviously need to get rid asap
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    Match Thread | Wolves vs Man City (11/05/22)

    Get yourself somebody who looks at you like Phil looks at Kev
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    Match Thread | Wolves vs Man City (11/05/22)

    Can't believe how lucky we are to have kev
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    Match Thread | Wolves vs Man City (11/05/22)

    He's tired of his possible assists being wasted so he decided to assist himself bahaha
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    Match Thread | Wolves vs Man City (11/05/22)

    I'll take that assist :) lovely control and weight on the pass
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    Welcome Erling Haaland | Joins on 1st July

    I'd always get a kick out of the "aguero tying his boots/dicking around so the center backs forget about him on a goal kick" and ederson would just ping him a pass. Good for at least one chance a season lol, will be fun to see if that happens again
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Newcastle (08/05/22)

    Lovely play boys, let's get a few more
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    Premier League Games 7/8 May '22

    How was that not looked at?
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    Match Thread | Real Madrid vs Man City (04/05/22)

    City fans in great voice. I'd be shitting myself with nerves
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    Real Madrid (H) | Post Match Thread

    Not until 5 minutes after the final whistle after tonking them 3-0 in Madrid bahaha
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    Real Madrid (H) | Post Match Thread

    If you'd asked me before, with all our full back issues, if I'd be happy conceding three but winning the match, I'd have bitten your hand off to get that result. (I'd also ask you for the lotto numbers) Feels like it could've been more, but fuck if I'm not proud of that effort, missed chances...
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Real Madrid (26/04/22)

    Same, thought we were going to get fuck all there lol
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