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    OMG £££££

    Good luck!
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    Gaudino's Stolen Car - Sam White

    Re: Gaudino's Stolen Car too young, R.I.P
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    Car number plate

    talking bollox, can't have 'I' in number plates. 5 posts? I call RAG
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    Come On, Who's Texting While Everyone Was Going Mad.........

    I was the lad after the second goal in the black jacket going mad! Zoomed right in on me! Quality day!
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    Guess Mario's t-shirt

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    The City fan crying when we got beat

    I honestly don't know the circumstances but the stewards were right pricks all game, I think the lad was with his dad and something got said after the game with them, to make him react.
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    The City fan crying when we got beat

    was about 3 seats to the left of the guy, front row. He was crying abit after the game. told him to cheer up it's not over yet, which it isn't! he then tried to kick off with the stewards. Think he had a few to many tbh
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    fair play you took some shit yestoday lad
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    Fulham v City In Match Discussion Thread

    get inn!!!!!!!!!
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    SSN Poster

    tea, two sugars.
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    SSN Poster

    no thanks, I've just had one
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    Munich Deal - best yet and booked

    I'm also on is, great deal. Can't wait!
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