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    75 years ago today (Hiroshima bomb)

    Manchester played a big part in this. With Dalton’s work on atomic theory and Rutherford splitting the atom, both in Manchester, their work would eventually lead to this day.
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    Champions League - 2020/21

    I’d welcome a hard group for once. Most of the time the group stages of the CL are like watching the early rounds of the EFL Cup against lower division opposition. Piss easy games against very very poor sides. We score 5s 6s and even 7s with some regularity in the group stages. And to be honest...
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    Real Madrid (H) CL Post-Match Thread

    Not controversial at all for me mate. As a team we miss a criminal amount of chances. Our forward players are nowhere near clinical enough, maybe bar Agüero but even he misses easy chances. The higher up in quality the game is, the fewer chances we’ll create as a team. In the ¼s and if we get...
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    Beard advice

    Lazy? It’s more work to look after a good beard than it is to clean shave regularly.
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    Beard advice

    It depends on how and where your hair grows, the trim will be different for a variety of people. I’m dead hairy right up my cheeks not far below my eyes and my beard joins up with my chest hair as one so I usually stick to this: 1. imagine a line goes from the bottom of your ears to the bottom...
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    World Snooker Championship

    Not at all, pretty much everyone I know is into the snooker. Mates, family and work mates. Been great so far, I like the look of the Norwegian lad.
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    Why can't yanks use a knife and fork?

    I don’t know how they hold them, never noticed. What is it they do exactly?
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    Beard advice

    I’ve actually been shaving my beard for once but left a ’tache. Now got a proper trendy Bertie moustache! The beard will be back in the Winter though
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    Warning shot?

    I had pains in my chest once and was convinced I was having a heart attack of some sort. Went to the hospital and they couldn’t find a thing wrong with me. ECG fine, no heart attack hormones in my blood, blood pressure was alright... but these pains in my chest were like someone was standing on...
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    Rugby League - Super League 2020

    He already served a suspension from the club for that in February. And if we ever have a run of 1 Championship and 0 Challenge Cups in 80 years like St Helens’ did, come back to me.
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    Do you happen to know where 209 cases in a day ranks to Greater Manchester’s other daily highs throughout the six months of this?
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    David Silva has played his last competitive game at the Etihad

    Funnily, he seems to be looking right where I sit! I think he’s going to miss me haha
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    Yet again had an argument with my Sister, with her saying she wants to visit (with her husband and three kids) my Mam+Dad today. I’ve had enough of people having this selfish and stupid “oh it’ll be alright” “nobody else is abiding by the rules” “I can go to the pub but not Mum+Dad’s?” attitude...
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