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    Mangala joins Valencia on a Permanent deal

    Why did we extend his contract if not to get a small fee for him? Seems bizarre.
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    City matchday presenters sacked over podcast (P6)

    Sorry, but no. Sure racist people can have good/positive elements of their personality, and yeah a lot of them are just ignorant and need to see the other side of things like yourself. But if you're racist you're a bad person in my opinion. Is it a racist persons fault they are that way? Not...
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    Todays Pitch Invasion. City v Swansea

    It was great against QPR, less so against West Ham but still understandable given we did win it on the last day of the season, this time it would just be daft. Let the players celebrate on the pitch instead of having to flee down the tunnel.
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    Were you wrong about Pep?

    I didn't, but I also didn't expect us to be as good as we are this season, based on how we went out of the Champions League and games like Everton and Leicester away. You'd honestly have to be pretty ignorant of his achievements at Bayern and Barca to seriously doubt him. It's indicative of...
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    The Added Time Debate

    There has to be an instruction from the F.A for referees to not book anyone for time wasting before the 80th minute. Every goalkeeper knows they can take the piss with little consequence, if you say to them early on one more time and it's a booking you could easily stop this obvious cheating...
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    Arsenal (h) pre-match thread

    I think they'll set up like they did when they knicked a 2-0 a couple of years back, just without Coquelin. Doubt it'll work, can only see us fucking this one up if we waste a ton of chances.
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    Feyenoord(A) - Post Match Thread

    Jeez, Pep knows what he's doing in this competition. I really see last season as a missed opportunity, when we completely crumbled away at Monaco. Sterling's goal at Bournemouth might have been a turning point, can't wait to see where we go from here.
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    Alexis Sanchez

    I'm a City fan that can see things objectively, Sanchez, Lacazette and Ozil is a phenomenal attack, no two ways about it. You don't have to be the best attack in history to be phenomenal, or use them to discredit others.
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    Alexis Sanchez

    It absolutely would be a phenomenal attack.
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    Benjamin Mendy

    Where exactly did you get that price from?
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    Can you help 1894 Group ? Fundraising now...

    Do you guys work with City Watch on Twitter? I feel like they get much more exposure than any other unofficial City account on there, maybe asking them to tweet out a donation link or something?
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    Our PR department and the media

    It's because United are playing today.
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    Do we play good football?

    I haven't seen one person say they found the 5-0 victory dull aside from you. So up until now no one has agreed. You were on the wind up, got called out for it, and have reverted to acting like a spineless victim.
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    Do we play good football?

    Never in my life have I found a 5-0 City victory dull. If that's your genuine opinion (unlikely), then you're an absolute idiot.
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    City will now attack the south end in the 2nd half

    Don't understand how anyone outside of the Family Stand could be against this. It's always half empty and making next to no noise, shooting into our most vocal stand 2nd half should be a no brainer.
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