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    Tottenham - EFL Cup Final | Pre-Match Thread

    Strongest team, it is silverware, few years back we would have given right arm for this position. There are only four trophies and we blew one. Let's not blow any more.
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    Aston Villa (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    Has to be the best side and that does not include Mendy.
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    Champions League Haters

    Don't hate the concept of European Cup what I hate is the bias, corruption arrogance and self interests from the people who run it and a small number of very entitled clubs who the benefits are for them only.
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    Chelsea - FA Cup SF | Pre-Match Thread

    I think the clue to who plays can be inferred from what Pep has said all season all the players are in it together so for me it should be steffan to keep him inclusive. Obviously Pep will be the final arbiter.
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    Borussia Dortmund (A) - CL QF | Pre-Match Thread

    If we win great if we lose, let's get the pl
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    It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

    If correct looks like Messi will stay there as well.
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    Champions League Games 13/14 April

    Would prefer Chelsea, PSG and RM but whatever.
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    Javier Tebas named to UEFA's Executive Committee

    Corrupt as fuck why I am not surprised.
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    United thread 2020/21

    There could be some arse twitching before this season ends. Pep no more pissing about with the league selections.
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    Erling Haaland

    Couldn't give a shit what he is earning get Sterling, Foden and Fern signed up next please.
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    Champions League Games 6/7 April

    Always thought it was Grimsdyke lol
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    2020/21 David Silva watch - Real Sociedad.

    Be a good place for Serge to finish his career.
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    It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

    Putting pressure on villa Imo that's all.
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    The more they hate the happier I am just, checking in here to see that service is normal. Havent listened to this joke of a radio station for years.
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    United thread 2020/21

    They can be in any pot as far as i am concerned they are still shit and scum.
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