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    Changes after jabs

    Double jabbed and not a single issue. No aching, no tiredness, no flu-like symptoms, nothing.
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    Fly Killers

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    Electric cars

    I was passing the Lidl in baguley early this morning and there seemed to be a small gathering waiting to use the charge pod in the carpark. How long would a typical charge take if you had sputtered your way to it on your last kilowatts?
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    Jack Grealish

    Villa voted against FFP, no?
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    Any electricians/alarm technicians on here?

    If you have a cupboard under your stairs have a nosy in there. That 's where ours was in the old house.
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    Last Film You Saw

    Good film, really enjoyed Hereditary. Midsommar on the other hand, thought it was shite.
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    Coronavirus: Football Discussion Thread

    Let's hope that your astronomical projections are far more accurate than your meteorological forecasting/reporting ;-)
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    Coronavirus: Football Discussion Thread

    A fair few similar views to the majority here it would seem with a slight sprinkling of a vocal, contrary minority insisting that football must continue. To name a few... Arsenal -...
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    Asian hornet ??

    Indeed. Wasps, spiders, hornets, midges I couldn't give a toss about. Ticks freak me the hell out. I remember seeing a story of a kid who had one dug deep into his scalp the size of a malteaser. Horrible things are ticks.
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    Lawn Mowers

    I'm currently in the market for a new mower for an average sized front/back lawn. What mower have you got? Is it any good? Hover, rotary, petrol? Which brands to avoid? Cheers. And no, I can't brick my lawn and set it ablaze, as tempting as that may be.
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    Latest update from the Abels
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    It'll be interesting to see how often the goalposts will be shifted with regards to any of the dipper's achievements. Somehow doubt it will be anything like it is with us. "City can't really be considered a great team until they win some silverware." "City can't really be considered a great...
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    Aston Villa (A) Post-Match Thread

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