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    Ticket Sales

    Viagogo and their like are just an official tout site, it is illegal to sell on tickets for football so how do these twats get away with it. It's bollocks.
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    Seats Being Removed

    Sadly, you appear to have the attitude of a "new" football fan....Don't know if you are or not but - you need to understand that some fans sit with family members and friends who they have made at matches for the last 10 years at least and lots more over another good number of years at Maine Rd...
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    Operation 'Stay to the end'

    Oddly last night the early leavers left later than usual..mass exodus on 85 mins. My opinion is if you leave early you have your card deducted your loyalty points as you go out of the exits by automatic card readers! That fantastic goal by Yaya will be shown around the world and with the view of...
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    Season Card info now on OS

    I thought the same 2 seasons ago...never really had a problem getting tickets so went down to Gold. Struggled a few times this season, esp CL away matches. Worked out that if I had stayed platinum I would have had over 1800 points more...not making the same mistake again!...I am going platinum...
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    Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

    Re: Etihad Campus, Stadium Development and Collar Site (continue Been lurking around this thread for years. I have a question for those ITK about the Legends (?) lounge. Now the SS will be bigger, are there any plans to have a new bigger lounge under the new 3rd tier?..(Apologies if missed...
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    E-Cig Ban, Why Can't MCFC stand up and be counted

    Just give up....If you really want to- you will. No will power or real desire to stop if you can't do it. E cig or not. If you haven't got the will power as seems the case- chew some nico gum.
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    BBC1 tonight 23.25

    Haha!..He did all the Euro away Wolfsburg pre season...I reckon he has done around half of what he would usually...Although he's going to Swansea this weekend and would have done Reading if it wasn't mid week... Probably just siad that to get on the telly!
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    Away Fans

    Gestapo stewarding informed them and me that we would be thrown out if we stood up again. Pathetic. I asked them if they would be throwing people out at the Bon Jovi concert they had just advertised. I was informed I would be thrown out for being abusive if I asked again!! The stewards must...
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    Stadium Expansion

    Expanding the stadium should only happen if we are selling out week in week out surely!? I have "Floating" mate City fans who I have offered spare tickets to for 20 quid or even feck all on some occasions..with a lift there and back!...and still struggled to get rid!!. Problem is if it is...
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    Etihad Campus, Stadium Development and Collar Site

    Re: Etihad Campus & potential new stadium My error...Firstly he doesn't look like he could read never mind go on t'internet... Secondly..It's CC not AA!,You'll be the bloke who pinches the little kids chips if you're in AA?? Anyway- if It is you tell yer wife to stop farting. Cheers.
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    Dortmund AWAY Ticket Details

    Good idea....Let someone have it that supports the team whether winning or losing.
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    Etihad Campus, Stadium Development and Collar Site

    Re: Etihad Campus & potential new stadium Don't embarrass yourselves if you're going by asking about stadium expansion!!...We can't even fill the ground for a CL game against Ajax FFS. -As about Wifi -Ask them to join the FSF safe standing campaign -Ask for bans for anyone leaving the match...
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    Gate for Ajax

    We have such shite fans it's untrue. Probably the same people who boooed at half time last week and most probably the same fickle lot who leave ten minutes from the end each game to get home to their sad pathetic little lives. We should cut capacity not increase it.
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    Etihad metro link open for Christmas !

    I tyhink what this poster is trying to say is that there wouldn't be much advantage in getting the tram from the ground back to the city centre or Droylsden as by the time you have been in the queue and travelled back on the tram you could have walked back with time to spare..and it won't be...
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    Blue Alliance Fans Survey - Improving The Atmosphere

    If you sit (stand) in the south stand you should sing or move out. Especially you behind me in AA 117 456 you maoning old negative miserable twonk.
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