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    Salford city fan

    To me being a proud proud salfordian and a blue has made my love for city stronger ! I was 1 of 2 city fans in my primary school st pauls on cross lane and when cantona got done for kickin that palace fan our school got chosen to go train with him at the cliff as part of his community service...
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    West Ham away coach

    got a mini bus going from piccadilly train station at 7.30 pm 4 spaces left £30 each if interesterd pm me thanks !
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    Kids in block 110??

    same old bluemooners on here with nothing better to do than start a 14 page post on someone falling off his seat at a football match , oh my god nobody was hurt , nobody was scared for life, and the kid still wants to go so why mention it on here. its PATHETIC !!!!!!!
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    I hope youre all happy

    ive just seen sanjay and gita out of eastenders selling bent dvds in there city kappa traksuits outside marks and spencer on market street
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    I hope youre all happy

    to put an end to this only the people who got charged have had letters the ohter 32 on the coach have had nothing , and the letter they have had says there season ticket is suspended until explanation is recieved in writing
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    I hope youre all happy

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha mate im not your pal
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    I hope youre all happy

    so i am funny !!!!!!!!! thanks
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    I hope youre all happy

    and by the way rick the prick , i joined 5 months before you , so there ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner i joined before you , ner ner ner ner ner i joined before you ner ner ner ner
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    I hope youre all happy

    yeah people like you u fuckin tool , im already sick of you ,what do u mean ive bin on here 5 mins just because i dont post things on evrypost like you do, , i bet you sit there all day with bluemoon on clicking on view active topics wonderin if anybody finds you funny or has replied back to...
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    I hope youre all happy

    you really are a nob head arnt u such a big man , im sick of people like you giving smart arse remarks sayin i hope they got sky , they didnt get up in the morning saying today im going to steal 2 cans of lager , things happen its not right and no1 is saying it is right it , but its life things...
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    I hope youre all happy

    listen, why would some1 make sumthin like this up, he put this on to show how much people like you love to sit there and comment on things that you know nothing about , and when you do you make stupid comments that make it worse for the people in question ok
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    Where are we all from ?

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    Richard Edgehill

    top lad, met him in mary ds last season what always sticks with me after scoring that penalty at wembley when he pulled his shirt and kissed his badge !!!! ive got shivers just thinking about it , pride , passion, emotion , top class legend !!!
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    My father said to me one day...

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    YEAH, top class , na na na na na na na na hey hey hey carlos tevez !!!!!
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