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    Another blue gone

    My thoughts are with you Blue
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    23rd September 1989

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    The Big Match revisited

    Same here mate,....still enjoyed those days though,home and away.
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    RB Leipzig (H) - CL - Wed 15 Sep 20:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    We really have some fucking squad.
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    Applauding opposition goals

    Yes,they were still City.
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    Applauding opposition goals

    I have ALWAYS loved our side
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    Poland v England | World Cup Qualifier

    Turned it off as soon as i saw her,will put it back on at kick off.
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    Songs you love but wouldn't be caught dead listening to

    Man 2 Man Male Stripper And no im not......just a mint tune.
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    Favourite 90s aftershave

    Kouros and Jazz
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    Leicester (A) - Sat 11 Sep 15:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    FFS sake,the amount of whinging ref blaming wankers on here,is unbelievable.
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    40 years ago today

    So i have,apologies.but no need for the exclamation mark son.
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    40 years ago today

    Check the previous messages mate,i havent got anyone mixed up matey
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    Leroy Sané

    For a short time,him and David were unplayable down our left side.
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    40 years ago today

    Bowyer mate,not Boyer.
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