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    Match Thread | Everton vs Man City (03/05/14)

    This commentary is fucking disgraceful. Screaming when they scored yet near silent when we scored.
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    Royal Mail IPO

    Is it best to sell during conditional or unconditional dealing?
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    This Weekends Other Prem Games

    Why didn't they bring Lamela on :S
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    Europa League

    Fucking hell CB goes down injured and gets back up after Allen has run past him to score...
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    The girls for the Jungle are.....

    Go on then I'll take a PM too please..
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    City vs Villa( League Cup) Pre-match Discussion Thread

    A PM would be great if there are any links out there....
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    City in for Drenthe?

    Re: City in for Drenthe Pace.
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    Closing Ceremony

    Have you got it on mute?
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    The Tottenham Thread 12/13

    Interesting seeing as everyone else is giving him a miss despite his low price tag....
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    Closing Ceremony

    Hopefully Brian Blessed will come and blow the flame out.
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    Closing Ceremony

    This is the weirdest trip ever.
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    City Vs Chelsea - 12/08/12 @ 13:30 (Charity Shield)

    This formation is fantastic for Kolarov. The best of his attacking side with someone to help him defend.
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