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    Brilliant example of necroposting, just for a moment felt 14 years younger!
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    Welcome Kalvin Phillips | He joins City on a 6-year deal

    Just chuckling....from a closet Dipper! "Just watched YouTube Kalvins first day at city, (soz can’t do links). The lads cumming in his pants at citehs training facilities, he’s like a puppy with his first bone, says he’s never seen anything like it, he’s obviously happy there. His family look...
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    Raheem Sterling

    Out of curiosity, who is the replacement for Raheem if he really leaves? It seems to me we always replace player fr player. Merlin was phased out for Foden to come in Sane was replaced by Ferran which in turn was recycled for Grealish Halland belatedly and finally came in for Aguero Alvarez is...
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    Gabriel Jesus joins Arsenal | Thank you and good luck

    Sorry if this has already been posted here
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    Gabriel Jesus joins Arsenal | Thank you and good luck

    This is worse than Edin to Roma...and those assholes already call him Gabby! :( :( :(
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    Best XI post 2008 takeover

    If all in their prime this would be my favorite 4-4-2 Ederson Kyle-Vincent-Ruben-Aleksandar Bernardo-Yaya-KdB-Merlin Kun-Edin
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    Danny MIlls, who goes around as a football pundit and commentator, argues there is too much football on TV. Football nihilism at its best!
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    Gabriel Jesus | Joins Arsenal for £45m

    I think 2 years.
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    Gabriel Jesus | Joins Arsenal for £45m

    That video is so wrong on so many levels...and he's gone for less money than Richarlison, but doubled his wages, which I am happy for him. It looks somehow we could not wait to get rid of him. And if the Argentinian fails, o boy........
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    Romeo Lavia | Set to join Southampton on permanent deal

    Three at least, but Girona is like a black hole of our loan system, once the player crossed that loan event horizon nothing has been heard of them ever again.
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    Raheem Sterling

    Edin Dzeko strongly disagrees with you, went to score 100+ goas for crappy Roma, him and Yaya were brutal in 2014 getting us to the second PL title. Just saying.
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    Raheem Sterling

    Totally agree, that is some crazy Delap talk, or this rag's obsession with donkeying youngsters into cul-de-sac just to prove to them how inadequate they are. Apart from Foden, Brahim Diaz was the only other youth player who was totally complete as a football player (at his age level) and he...
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    Raheem Sterling

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    Glastonbury 2022 (Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney, Kendrick Lamar headlining)

    Burnley supporters disapprove of that, they would fly a plane if it was not night.
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