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    2020/21 David Silva watch - Real Sociedad.

    Just leave this little interview with Nacho Monreal here:
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    Taiwan Plane crash

    From what I've heard one of the engines failed once they took off. The pilot tried to glide along the river for a landing place (its densely populated, nowhere to land actually), avoided a building and a metro station and then lost control and crashed, banging a wing on the bridge on the way...
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    Asian obsession

    Because it's better than anything we have, good to watch and the time is just right. What is better than a football match live on telly after dinner. Early kick-off is at 8:45PM, 3AM kick-off is 11PM. We also have La Liga this season, but 2-3AM is just far too late. I tried following the champs...
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    The 2012 Olympics Thread - Its Over :(

    Re: The 2012 Olympics Thread (9th August, Page 219) This. After years of watching it (our medal hopes in major sporting events) I still don't get it.
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    The 2012 Olympics Thread - Its Over :(

    Re: The 2012 Olympics Thread (9th August, Page 219) Thought Tseng had it for a sec, I was devastated when the officials signalled no, then she lost her composure. Mental toughness is something very lacking in our athletes, most of them failing to step up when it mattered (except for that...
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    Andy Murray

    At two sets up I thought he was going to wrap it up early, but well done anyway. Thought he was going to bottle it at one point though.
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    City TV - Next Season

    Nah, I believe he really is Mr Wang. Wang is a common surname in chinese societies, the same surname is sometimes spelt as Wong in Cantonese pronunciation. His attitude still stinks, and he's far too easily offended. Chinese people mock foreigners' accents all the time, he's never heard any...
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    City TV - Next Season

    Look Mr Wang, your last sentence in itself makes you deserve being told to fuck off. I'm no diehard city fan myself, but most people on this forum love the club from top to bottom, born in the colours, followed up and down the leagues and back, they would love to see kids from the academy...
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    Strange But Compelling Vid Clip.

    It's in (traditional) chinese. This bunch made a few silly clips over the season. I think they also made one for the 6-1 derby. The truth remains that most people here in Taiwan don't have a clue about football. They get it hyped up during the world cup then it all dies down again. We don't...
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    Overseas blues tuning in...

    10PM , Taipei. We only get to watch a couple of matches live every weekend, and our ESPN suddenly changed their schedule and decided to show the rag match instead, claiming that rags have a larger fanbase (well, it's true). Really mad at this, because every non-rag football fan on the island...
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    City Vs United Post Match Discussion Thread

    Haha Been laughing at the "0 shots on target" stat.
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    City Vs United Post Match Discussion Thread

    Congrats city, been rooting for city all season. We only get a couple of matches each week, but city have a lot of coverage this season and are great to watch. It's 5AM right now in where I am, McMahon looks chuffed on ESPN
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