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    Real Madrid (A) Post Match Thread

    Perhaps somebody more tech savvy than me could compile a montage of the unpunished fouls on Foden by both Atletico and Real Madrid players, plus the "Sandwich" foul that was awarded against him, despite being flattened by two opponents. Then add the two soft yellows that resulted in Foden being...
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    Luck to win the Champions League

    I think it's more to do with serendipity rather than luck. Chelsea were robbed on two separate occasions and then lost to United on penalties. However, their stars seemed to align perfectly when both Barcelona and Bayern missed crucial penalties against them in 2012. Indeed I would argue that...
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    Where would you rank last night in terms of disappointments?

    For me it was Wembley 74 when I genuinely couldn't see City losing. However, we're fast approaching the stage where anyone under the age of 30 won't remember the real dark days of defeats at Stockport, Lincoln and York, essentially because they weren't even born.
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    #47 | Phil Foden - 2021/22 Performances

    He's become a 10 goal-a-season midfielder which is great, but he seems to have little 5 minute spells of brilliance as opposed to truly dominating a game.
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    #10 | Jack Grealish - 2021/22 Performances

    On another day the rebound off the post goes straight to Foden and Guardiola's a hero for making the substitution. The Jury's still out, but I don't see how anyone can criticise Grealish for last night.
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    Positives To Take From Today

    No positives whatsoever. A fluke result and a lenient referee but we still lost. My only small consolation is that having been in Madrid when Liverpool beat Spurs, we've been spared the horrible experience of being surrounded by 100,000 red shirted tossers from all corners of the globe.
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    Real Madrid (A) Post Match Thread

    I always fear that if you pack your team with 10-goal-a-season midfielders (including at Centre Forward and Full Back) then City will always experience some strange results, with a lack of clinical finishing when it really matters, plus a lack of concentration from daydreaming defenders. At the...
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    Champions League Final | Tickets - City Official Package + UEFA Tickets | 2022 Final (pg 1033)

    I was in Madrid when Liverpool played Spurs in 2019 There must have been 100,000 ticketless Liverpool fans in Madrid, (yet strangely none at Heysel or Hillsborough), and on reflection I'd rather lose to Villareal, or even Real Madrid in the Semi Final, than be in the same city as those...
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    City v Bayern Munich pre season game @ Green Bay Packers Stadium, Wisconsin

    I'd be more interested in watching City play an MLS Team than. a jokey half arsed friendly against Bayern
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    What are your unpopular opinions on City that you believe 100%?

    We're not as strong as in 18/19 when Silva, Kompany and Aguero all inspired by example when it really mattered. I also think that by not replacing Aguero and allowing Liverpool to buy Dias our current squad is temporarily slightly weaker than theirs, both in quantity and quality. A quality...
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    What was the first City match after you were born?

    I was born on this day so not sure if it counts. City 0 Northampton 2 August 29th 1964. 3-4 at Leyton Orient the following Bank Holiday Monday.
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    What was the first City match after you were born?

    My first ever game on the Kippax. From memory Doyle and Watson were playing for Stoke.
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    Players without songs/chants

    I actually prefer that version. Good old City irony.
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    The Title Race | 93 points...title won

    It's not beyond the realms of possibility for City to lose to Liverpool, but still win the league. However if City win next Sunday then I think the momentum will drive us to the title. The Champions League games will also have an impact as injuries take their toll.
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    Premier League or Champions League?

    From memory Bayern Munich have played Leeds, Villa, United, and Chelsea in the EC/CL Final, and on each occasion the best team lost. That's also how I think City will eventually win the competition, and possibly on a penalty shootout. In contrast if you win the Premier League then you're...
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