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    Official Champions League Final Programme 2021 - Order here

    Done! £3 p and p not too bad, Thanks
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    Coach travel to Wembley with Morecambe Bay Branch

    Making our 12th (or is it 13th) coach trip to Wembley. Last 4 spaces left. (You don't have to have all 4.) £37 adult, state pension £32, junior £27. We reserve the seats for you so you will be with your mates. Pick up points are Phantom Winger 8:00, Charnock Richards 8:20, M6 Junction 21...
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    Palace Away

    All sold now thanks
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    Palace Away

    I have 3 spare now because of return train beyond Manchester farce: An adult plus child £30 and £16 (T33) seated together these two must be sold together (plus recorded delivery £1.90) One adult (T46) £30 (plus recorded delivery £1.90) All 3 in City 'end'. PM only please
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    Coach To Wembley from J35 M6 - 4 seats left, pick up as far as Knutsford.

    Morecambe Bay SC coach To Wembley from J35 M6 - 4 seats left, we can pick up at any M6 junction (as long as it is safe) as far as Knutsford Services. Reserved seats, toilet. £40 adults, £35 concessions. Straight there, Straight back.
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    Spare for West Ham

    Sent you a pm
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    Sky sports news

    Mobdro? Is it worth paying for the upgrade? thanks
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    Liverpool V City pre-match thread.

    We need to be singing "Where were you when Yaya scored?" Gary James' video on Facebook is unreal, well within 30 seconds of taking the penalty their end just about disappears.
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    QPR away

    sent you a pm
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    Hull Away

    Sold now, thanks
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