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    This Weekends other PL Fixtures Week 12 7/8 Nov

    Chelsea looking useless most of this game, Stoke could be 3 up with their amount of chances and if they didn't keep losing possession in their own half. 7/12 games are losses for chelski now
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    This Weekends other PL Fixtures Week 12 7/8 Nov

    I feel for hotel owners. Somewhere near the game a hotel room is being absolutely demolished
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    Players from other Premiership teams that would get in City's starting 11

    Sanchez, but without losing Sterling as he'll get better and better If outside starting 11, Cech for Willy
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    This Weekends other PL Fixtures Week 12 7/8 Nov

    It's so much fun watching this shite lose it, I hope they gt relegated that would be some championship next year
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    Chelsea Thread (2015-16)

    Never seen a manager such a perfect fit for a club. The other is of course Arsene at Arsenal.
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    Sevilla pre-match thread

    Hart Sagna, VK, Ota, Kol Dinho, Yaya, Nando Navas DB Sterling Play defensively in this one without a striker, we'll create something with DB and Sterling on the pitch.
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    Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    Media rooting for Wengie to get a nice send off like they tried for Slips. They do have an easier set of fixtures coming up this month. Anyway going to be a close race to the title which I think we'll ultimately win.
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    This Weekends other PL Fixtures Week 11 30 Oct 2 Nov

    Bournemouth are useless, can they get a single pass correct.. Get the ball, either pass to a Soton shirt or kick it out for a goal kick and repeat
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    Sevilla pre-match thread

    This will be tough, I would say we play defensively as possible, a 1-1 would be nice.
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    Player topic : Yaya Toure (2015/16)

    He played decent minus his overreaction to being subbed with 2 more min to go.
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    Player Topic: Wilfried Bony (2015/16)

    Before this match I was all about giving him a chance but it looks like we need to find a younger Aguero-like player not a physical beast who's basically stationary most of the game.
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    Norwich post match thread

    Yaya had a decent match but damn he's a bit thick, coming off with 2 minutes left is nothing to fight the manager about.
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    Norwich post match thread

    Only one man should hold his amazing head really high and that's Otamendi. VK, Sagna, Toure also did well. Kolarov decent until he decided to be selfish with the Sterling pen. I think we should just not play a striker for the Sevilla game at this point. Less said about Wilf the better.
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    Match Thread | Manchester City vs Norwich City (31/10/15)

    This is ridiculous should have let the lad take it, he won it.
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    Match Thread | Manchester City vs Norwich City (31/10/15)

    Bony how many chances do you need?????????
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