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    Riyad Mahrez reportedly in line for new contract

    There’s a few reasons tbf
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    City Fan Ban

    Agree with what posters are saying about it being fucking idiotic to do it that stage of the match, apart from anything else. i was fuming. BUT I must’ve missed the headlines about arsenal and Leeds fans chucking stuff on the pitch AT our players? Or the Everton fan who chucked a flair on?
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    Pitch invasion

    Virtue signalling from the media about pitch invasions is the new ‘no-one wants to see that’ After the atleti match. everyone wants to see that, actually.
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    you wouldn’t see that anywhere else. Why why? Because there are no cameras involved. Remember this when they come out with the tired old ’no fans’, ‘plastic club’, ‘tourists’ etc: We know that it’s regurgitated talksport clickbait crap which does nothing else but mark the speaker out as...
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    De Bruyne wins Premier League Player of the Season

    the best thing about that back page is the juxtaposition of the ‘I’m here to kop some trophies’ bit about a bang average striker the bindips paid £32 mill for and who won *checks notes* the square root of fuck all. A neat microcosm of how the media in general report on the two clubs.
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Quick diversion from the Haaland piss boiling. Q. when is a 7-2 defeat reported as ‘a nine goal thriller’? A. When it’s Liverpool who got the 2.
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    Atletico (A) - Post-Match Thread

    Really hope the Stockport Fernandinho is fit for Saturday.
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    Atletico (A) - Post-Match Thread

    Phil, when he rolled back onto the pitch: no-one can teach me anything more about shit-housing. Fern, pushing him back down to the floor 3 minutes later when got up: hold my beer.
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    Atletico (A) - Post-Match Thread

    There is no-one in the history of football better to bring on in that match against them at that stage of the game than Fernandinho.
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    Fernandinho to leave at the end of the season

    This exactly. Snides like ‘Robbo’ should take note.
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    They are a genuinely dreadful football team. As are Everton tbf but at least they were committed.
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    Premier League (Midweek) Games 16/17 March '22

    I have precisely the same degree of confidence in arsenal getting a result tonight as I did of City winning on Monday.
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    United (H) - Post Match Thread

    Just watching the match back now on sky. Three observations: 1. Sancho not celebrating his goal. Respect? Or worried that by equalising he’d just succeeded in poking the bear? 2. Lingard and Rashford simply didn’t want to come on. Their body langauage on the touch line was shocking. 3. We...
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    United (H) - Post Match Thread

    This may have got lost in all the hullabaloo about how amazing we were but how in buggery did those clowns only get one yellow card
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    PGMOL Apologise to Everton. It WAS a Penalty!

    This is the most pathetic episode since the last time they did something like this when the match was called of because covid.
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