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    Soccer Aid charity game at The Etihad

    Sounded Scottish to me but I did only hear it briefly. Funny though
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    Soccer Aid charity game at The Etihad

    My misses is fuming with spitty taking it to serious pulling/fouling the celebs called him a prick. She has little knowledge of him or football. Guess some things are just to obvious
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    Alcohol, hints, tips, advice etc.

    I've battled my addictions throughout my whole adult life, I alienated myself with a lot my friends because of my behaviour as my addiction progressed. Friends of 25years, I'm 32 as sad as it was only then was I able to stop, also with help of narcotics anonymous and such. The friends that I...
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    Champions League Final | Photos - Porto & Home

    Reads like a Shakespeare play...
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    Champions League Final | Photos - Porto & Home

    Have thou got a link please I can’t find it.
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    Show of support planned before PSG and Chelsea games

    That’s a fucking joke. What’s the point in reporting it when you know nothing.
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    United thread 2020/21

    Anyone checked on super fan tate
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    ‘’Football is dead’’

    Anyone checked on super fan tate
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    Paris Saint-Germain (H) - CL SF | Post-Match Thread

    Anyone checked on Super fan tate.....
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    6.45 Chelmsford

    Van dijk was also running same race cam 2nd de Bruyne 8th......
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    Premier League Games 9/10/11/12 April

    Surely them sponsors boards are not hugo boss considering they used design and manufacture SS uniforms
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    Hash browns

    They go on a chicken burger. I thought this was why they sold them.
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    The FTSE

    Found the crypto thread think I will find the info I need in there. Thanks
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    The FTSE

    The things I’m struggling with is which way to buy, seems a bit of a minefield excuse the pun! Anyone have any experience?
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    The FTSE

    Sorry yes the word invest was probably not the best to use, I will admit I have had gambling issues, I don’t anymore as I’ve barred myself from all the sites which I used to used I’ve made it very difficult for me to gamble nowadays. So maybe this is my way of doing it, I’ve done quite a bit of...
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