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    Old songs

    We’re shit and we know we are
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    Leicester City (H) Post Match Thread

    The root cause of this was starting Mahrez. We have to change our game plan / tactics to accommodate a player with a very individual style. It worked when he played for Leicester as they played the game on the break looking for him and vardy to finish We don’t play that way, we play as a...
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    Leicester (H) | Pre-Match Thread

    Ffs Mahrez being in the starting line up reduces our chances by 50 percent. I’m not fancying this one. Put my gran up front and we should win though
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    Old songs

    When he gets the ball he does fuck all Gary Gary Shaw ... perhaps we could bring that back obviously changing Gary to Luke
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    Would Dzeko have been successful under Pep?

    For me he seemed more like Negrado than Edin
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    Old songs

    In the Liverpool Slums they look in the dustbin for something to eat, they find a dead cat, they Think it’s a treat, “he’s only a poor little scouser, his face is all tattered and torn, he made me feel sick, so I hit him with a brick, and now he ain’t singing no more” “can you run” “(We got...
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    Bournemouth (H) - CC 3rd Round Post-match Thread

    FFS just say it like it is, why don’t you ?
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    Wolves (A) Post-Match Thread

    Does anyone think we need a centre back ?
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    Players you wished had stayed longer

    From yesteryear it has to be Deyna (maybe we should have bought him earlier rather than stayed longer) or Gary Owen, More lately Corluka was class for the season we had him - Danny Tiatto - can’t explain that one‍, and Nigel de Jong
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    Boro v City 40 years ago today.

    I seem to remember being shot at by Barnsley from the station bridge as well.
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    Players who underperformed at City but were great elsewhere

    Apparently Paul Sugrue was brilliant at Nuneaton Borough but came nowhere close to those heights with us
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    City player's salaries

    Judging by that they are all on too much
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    New Shirt Sponsor: £50mill A Year?

    I think getting someone like Tesla to sponsor us will silence the oil money jibes. It would certainly be ironic
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    Fantasy Football winner disqualified for abusing Sterling

    Fancy getting disqualified on the strength of a few words being taken out of context. I see another case for the CAS, Perhaps he will pay lawyers out of the Premier League goody bag on a no win no fee basis.
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    Arsenal (N) FA Cup Semi Final pre match thread

    Typical - the other semi is on the bullshit broadcasting company channel and is free to all. Ours - fucking BT sport, Please people has anyone a link, I kicked BT into touch a while back, Thanks in advance :). C’mon City !!!
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