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    Euro Qualifiers - Bulgaria v England halted twice due to racist fans

    Proud of our lads. Handling this with dignity and unity. Hope players , staff and fans return safe. This is football not a racist rally. Makes me relieved to be a city fan. #unity.
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    New Book On Pep

    Love Pep.......simply the best. If we finish second or third and win nothing this season so be it. Players aren't robots nor is Pep. Hope he stays a very long time. I feel he gets City. We are the undervalued, ugly sister of English football. Unjustly ridiculed and demonised. Pep knows the...
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    Pep's Oasis Lyrics on his wall

    Possibly........aga do do do , push pineapple shake a tree. Some of Liam's best lyrics there.
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    Future Wingers

    Don't care who but they must have lightening pace. The rest you can coach.....but train a donkey twice a day for ten years and it still won't win at Royal ascot. Pace.pace.pace.........the three most important factors.
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    Nicolas Otamendi - 2019/20 Performances

    Disappointed at all the negative stuff re. Nico. He himself will know hie errors against Wolves . Going to ground too easily for their first goal or whatever. But no one had a great game. Mahrez giving ball away. Serge shooting wide when should have scored. It's a team game. No individual...
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    Martin Demichelis

    What is good about forums like this is we can all express opinions.........great! I disagree with you 100 percent. Good pro . Did well for city.
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    Martin Demichelis

    Another excellent servant to city. Low maintenance top pro.......wish him well for the future.
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    Do you own anything red?

    Respect to you both for bringing your daughter up well with great standards.
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    Bernardo Silva charged with misconduct by FA

    We are no longer a democracy or we would have left the EU by now and not ignored, ridiculed or tried to sabotage the winners in a democratic vote
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    Mouse in house!

    #respect........... City till we die.
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    Mouse in house!

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    Mouse in house!

    This made me choke on my cuppa"......sooooo funny. Top post. Yeah, Rag bastardo
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    Everton MoTM thread

    Thought team battled well.....wasted too many chances. We could and should have been out of sight
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    Who has never taken drugs?

    Never......just not interested. There are soooo many other ways to get high and get pleasure than drop a few quid on drugs. Just a lazy unimaginative option was and still is my opinion. However drugs come in many forms.....can't function without caffeine and am addicted to sport obviously...
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    Best type of dog

    Yorkshire terrier. Have one presently. A boy called Vinnie after Komps! Loyal. Bright and loads of personality. 8lb of fun.
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