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    Bluemoon C-V Fitness thread

    Int diet is important but what I think is equally important if not more is regular exercise will improve your metabolism and then your body burns off more calories .
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    Johnny Nash, RIP

    I thought Johnny cash died in 2003
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    Interesting/Unfortunate Names Retired Urologist, Mr John Dick !
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    Rugby League thread
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    How popular

    Why did you move there ?
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    How popular

    Are the British in Southern Ireland? serious question. I have heard there are quite a lot ofAnglophiles Has that changed with Brexit? @jimharri @leighton
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    If you were on the dole would you pick fruit ?

    who would have done the work say, 100 years ago? a deeper question. has globalisation been bad for the average farmer and their family? Being forced to accept less for their crops than in times gone? I think people were generally fitter when most job involved more physical work.
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    Try meditation
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    The Boxing Thread

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    Flu jab

    Can there be a poll for this thread to see how many who if eligible would or wouldn’t have the vaccine? It’s definitely in the drug manufacturers to play down risks and talk up benefits as its big business
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    Flu jab

    Doesn’t it allegedly alter people’s DNA?
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    Getting a GP appointment

    Well done, that's a lot of service. It seems any job these days with any legal risk is very stressful because you have to be very defensive about how you work
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    Getting a GP appointment

    What is your job sir ? I think you have no idea why certain jobs are paid well. A lot of GP's are 'part time' but in reality they are working the hours of full time jobs. A Gp working 4 days a week would be considered 'part time' but in reality they are doing 10 hour days Behind the scenes...
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    Getting a GP appointment

    that’s changed now mars. ‘Golden age’for Gp’s has passed.A lot of younger ones leaving because do not want to be doing more work for less pay. I will tell you I know a lot more GP’s than you and they are not like as ‘lucky’ do you not think after minimum 10yrs of training GP’s deserve to be...
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