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    Liverpool (H) Post-Match Thread

    Well done City.... Shove that up your bin dipping arses
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    I sense trouble on Thursday

    Great selfish covid celibrations from the bin dippers.
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    Chelsea (a) post-match thread

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    Coronavirus: Football Discussion Thread

    The season will be finished but only on XBOX or PS !!!
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    Coronavirus Songs

    Liverpool what a bunch of.... On that note foxtrot Oscar I will not be sing that shite
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    The Unthinkable

    This season is finished, it will in my eyes, be declared "null and void". There is not a chance that this will be concluded this year. We are only at the beginning of this Virus and to me there is no end in sight for several months yet. I don't see it any other way it will be unfair to relegate...
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    Burnley (h) postponed

    Looks like fifa 20 on xbox or ps to finish the season off
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    United (H) - League Cup SF 2nd Leg Post-Match Thread

    Disappointed in the game I thought a comfortable 2 0. Need to step it up a bit more lads... If we play like that then we get screwed... Wish I was on 100k per week I'd work my fing socks off
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    Aston Villa (A) Post-Match Thread

    Maybe he should Maybe he should( Drinkwater you'll never get fit and fat on that!!!) never mind the beer!!
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    Sheff Utd (h) pre-match thread

    we don't start playing Mr Foden he will be off to the dark side
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    Wolves - post match

    Disappointing to hsnd the dippers the title
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    "The Keeper"

    After a few beers it was a wonder that i could spell anything right!!
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    "The Keeper"

    I have just watched the film called The Keeper what a goalkeeper he was... It made me tearful but for a POW to end up here in this club was fantastic.... If you have not seen it watch it... 545 games... awesome RIP Mr Truatmann
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    Arsenal (a) pre-match thread

    Bloody Hell get Foden on FFS