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    Vladimir Weiss

    Watched Weiss against Northern Ireland and he tortured us with his ability to run at defenders with pace and ball control and never looked outta place against some very good defenders, Johnny Evans included. I would definitely give him a full run out at home as he is the sort to lap up the...
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    Colin Hendry's wife's dead

    R.I.P. The surgeon should be crucified...wonder where he is now...
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    3rd tier added

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    To quote JM

    If ur going to get at people, "Do to them what u wudnt want done to urself" .....TRY DOING THINKS THE ULSTER WAY... you will achieve more respect.....
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    To quote JM

    If you look at all my posts , which u haven't obviously you will see iam not 1 bit guilty but for you to categorize eveyone over a coupe of wankers shows who arse u r licking.....u called everyone a f***ing idiot ...whos the guilty one my posts b4 u even think about getting back to...
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    To quote JM

    All a bunch of F***ing idiots....and categorizing "EVERYONE" for who they support would tell me just about what i would want to know about a total Wank Stain like Yourself. I'd say if ur family or friends (if u have any) were in trouble u wud be gone as fast as shit of a shovel. If u like to be...
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    Messages won't leave my outbox

    Cheers friends for ur reply...think that might be correct as a couple have said the same thing....Thanx again...
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    Messages won't leave my outbox

    Cud ne1 plz tell me why my messages on Bluemoon wont leave my outbox.....thanx
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    Does Gary Cook understand this club?

    Re: Does this tosser understand this club? Insult to Marty Feldman or wat...take that back...porr Marty...more like Peter Beardsley chowing a firework...
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    Unsourced Transfer Gossip [Merged]

    Re: New Forum posters I think we have been played out by the JT, Tevez and Eto'o threads but definitely the humourous quotes shows again the mentality of our sky blue crew and brightens up my day....cant wait till the season starts as i'am nearly wanked to death with anticipation....
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    Lift and shift:

    How long have u lived in Korea and have u lived in Manchester or England b4...Is it work related....just curious notreallyhere.
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    Lift and shift:

    I'd love to hear from anyone who has moved house from further afield just to be closer to Manchester to watch City play each week. I am tied at home but if things planned out i'd definitely consider it.
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    Does Gary Cook understand this club?

    I understand the CTID attitude as any supporter should have this if they call themselevs a true supporter. I dont think GC said anything to get off our high horses about. If patience is what it takes, ill never run out of it. I just want to see it happen in my time.....any chance by the way....
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    Shawshank Redemption puzzler

    Can anyone explain to me how Andy got the poster back up over the hole in his cell....surely a tunnel leading to outside would have that poster flapping like Orville trying to get off Keith Harris's manhood. <a class="postlink" href=""...
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    Danbury Mint collectables

    Worthless tat....oh and i suppose ur shirt will be the next tat u buy..nothing to me is tat with the club's name and crest on it and remembering the legends who put us where we are today...take a long hard look in the mirror if u can see by the red mist and see whos the mug...
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