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    Season ticket for sale 105

    selling my sons adult season ticket as he’s off to Hong Kong working.. 15 games ( after wolves ) in block 105 row y. Great seat near half way line £600 ono
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    What i will say, is that there are 6 of us together in the Commonwealth, we all applied and only 2 got tickets... Now i dont know if box holders are included in Corporate or different... but it would be impossible for all box holders to get tickets for every person we must have 40/50 boxes ?
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    im a hospitality Seasoncard holder in the Commonwealth ( bottom rung corporate ) and before that 30 plus years season ticket holder, there seems to be a misconception that anyone in corporate is not a real fan and that is way off the truth. for the record ... corporate received an allocation of...
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    ticket prices for semi- final

    So there are basically 11 blocks out of the 26 with tickets available... there could be 1000 tickets left or 5000..... who knows...
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    Celtic (A) - Pre-Match Thread....

    According to their forum we have sent back 500 tickets...... and will have never been to a ground with such an atmosphere...... hmmmmmmmm
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    City car registration numbers

    Ive had C17Y OO on mine for about 15 years... but now reads C17 YOO ..... too many fines over the years....
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    2016-17 Champions League Qualifying Matches - (3rd Round, 2nd leg, page 10)

    do we know who we may play yet ??? also is it seeded ?
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    What colour did you buy ? We wanted Ivory .. Like an off white ! Bit worried now !!!
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    Great cheers How long does it take to lighten !!!
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    any specialists out there.. Just had my house rendered with k rend... The colour we've gone for is off white called Ivory .... However the colour looks nothing like the sample and is more cream ... Does it dry out and lighten ??? Cheers
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    Arsenal post match thread

    20 seconds before this and with 55 seconds till half time, we had a free kick that silva and toure played short ! If they put it in the box none of this unfolds .... Crazy short free kick
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    Log burners

    anyone on here install these ? Gary
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    Roof cleaning

    anyone here do roof cleaning or has an idea how much to clean a 4 bed detached house ?
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    Seasoncards to be sent out. Paper tkts possible for Watford

    ive now recieved 2 for the same seat
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    Seasoncards to be sent out. Paper tkts possible for Watford

    I have just recieved a duplicate second card for my same seat !!
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