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    Fence panels

    ash timber in middleton im sure they use stainless nails so they don't rot before the wood
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    Will Covid change the world

    do kfc still say its finger lickin good
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    Tunes that survive the test of time.

    wichita lineman
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    Generation rent

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    worst place you’ve stayed in

    Tower house hotel reading early 90s a shit hole
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    Songs that have a girls name in their title

    Jeannie needs a shooter
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    Plastic carrier bag cost to double

    i remember cardboard boxes near the tills you could use don't see it anymore
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    Clint Eastwood

    Love Clint
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    The big questions which need answering

    why did give us a clue have the same theme tune as grange hill
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    Your favourite programme when you were a kid?

    yes loved six million dollar man always went in to watch and still the best opening intro to anything
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    Does anybody know how long to World War Three?

    Blind faith in your leaders or in anything will get you killed
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    Guess the sporting occasion from the commentary

    And it’s fat ass by a nose!
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    Who are bbc one broadcasting to?

    its that crap show on chan 4 i hate sunday brunch
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