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    Can the derby date be changed?

    I see the MCFC website still has a note saying that the fixture time could still be changed. Surely the only discussion can be :- Will it be moved from 5.30 to !2.30pm (maybe even 1.30PM)? I'm amazed that 5.30pm is being proposed - I bet the police don't like it!
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    Selling old programs ...

    Please, please, please Program (USA), Programme (UK)
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    New car park rules a farce

    My wife has mobility issues and I would appreciate some advice to using the tram from Audenshaw or Ashton Moss. I would be coming of the M60 and having to park. I see that Ashton Moss has free parking but only for 200 places... How crowded is the tram on match day and are the other parking...
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    Bradford City Fire

    Totally agree
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    Last occasion when City got a 60,000 + home attendance

    I was at that 3-3 game against United. Posssibily one of the finest games of football I've ever watched. Happy days.
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    I will be late on Wednesday

    Seem to remember a City joke alon the lines A guy phones the Maine Road ticket office to find out when kick off was. Her reply was well when can you get here? City humour - i hope we don't lose it
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    Edinburgh City fans

    Hi jacking this thread somewhat but I've moving to Northampton and it would be nice to know if there is a supporters group in the area.
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    Manuel Pellegrini refuses handshake after wild Jose

    He should have shaken hands. FULLSTOP Sportmanship? Manners? Setting a good example? I'm disappointed.
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    Blue Moon Rising 2

    So you didn't like it?
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    Wifi At Etihad Stadium

    If we don't have wifi how on earth are we going to know what the score is?
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    E-Cig Ban, Why Can't MCFC stand up and be counted

    The original post was not long enough. Could you repost with a little more detail please. Meanwhile get a life.
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    Kiddo looks very overwhelmed

    I heard a lot of chants last night for a man who came from Italy. Lets give Brian Kidd a really warm welcome as our new manager (be it temporarily) on Sunday. Kiddo!
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    Carlos arrested

    Re: Carlos arrested I'd like to see him get a prison sentence over the summer break. That would teach him that just because he's got loads of money he is NOT above the law. He has set a terrible example to others (youngsters) and he should receive a punishment that would actually mean...
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    Metrolink to the stadium

    Thanks for your reply I will try out this route next home game (Wigan I think)
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    Metrolink to the stadium

    When walking to Eastlands from Piccadilly Railway Station I have always walked down to Ducie Street and then joined the canal until Great Ancoats and then onto Pollard Street. Is there a quicker route to/from the station and can you walk along the Metrolink route? Even saving 5 minutes would help.
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