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    RB Leipzig (H) - CL - Wed 15 Sep 20:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    Just a knock Or more serious ?
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    Tennis Thread | Emma Raducanu US Open Champion

    Fair enough dint hear that. I apologise profusely
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    Tennis Thread | Emma Raducanu US Open Champion

    Didn’t hear that
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    Tennis Thread | Emma Raducanu US Open Champion

    She didn’t even congratulate her opponent. Very poor
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    Leicester (A) - Sat 11 Sep 15:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    I’ve been totally underwhelmed by Spurs in every match they’ve played this season. Sooner or later the bubble will burst
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    Joy Division or New Order?

    Never forget an interview with Hook and when asked about Man City he compared us to a tramp down an alley who finds a wad of cash. In other words classless. At least Hucknall has said it’s healthy for Manchester to have two strong teams and he welcomed it. Personally I like to separate football...
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    Key food to extend your lifespan by 5 years

    He did and it was a long list. Surprisingly he never mentioned red meats but said that organ meats were a completely out of the question. So it seems like a few things that are good for the average person are not good for one with gout
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    Key food to extend your lifespan by 5 years

    I get episodes of gout. GP says cut right back on fish and avoid shell fish completely.
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    Greatest Films of Their Genres

    Gangster - The Godfather Horror - Ghost Story SciFi - 2001 A Space Odyssey Comedy - Some like it Hot Thriller - Mississippi Burning (is that a thriller?) Western - The Unforgiven War - Zulu
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    Though you’re right in a lot of cases I know people who have episodes of gout who live very healthy lifestyles. My mother in law for example is a vegetarIan who eats well and drinks very little alcohol but gets episodes of gout.
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    I’m trying to drink more water rather than endless cups of coffee. I don’t drink a lot during the week - one bottle of ale unless we go out. I need to lose weight though - I’ve put on a couple of stone in the last year. I’ll try and get some cherry juice though. cheers
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    Still having repeated flare ups of gout since the summer. As I take lithium the GP won’t prescribe anti inflammatory drugs and will only give me colchecine which doesn’t really work. Last week he’s finally conceded to prescribing allopurinol but he wants the gout to stabilise first. I don’t see...
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    He can do what the fuck he likes if he’s scored for us :-) I hope if he does come that he doesn’t expect some sort of media presentation ceremony like Messi got at PSG
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    Harry Kane

    I think you make a valid point on Grealish - but what constitutes the kitchen sink - £150m? I just don’t think he’s worth that. As for your valuation next Summer I find that unlikely. Who would pay that for a 29 year old who will play for a couple of season? Edited…29 year old
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