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    Pep extending his contract?

    yeah, maybe a bit to be fair. as i said, i don't think he'd be a bad appointment. he definitely has potential.
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    Pep extending his contract?

    shit, i've literally just seen your comment. now it's going to seem like i've copied you!
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    Pep extending his contract?

    correct. pellegrini is not a top class manager. the team that pep inherited from him were an absolute mess. the reason why so many top class sides (real madrid, bayern munich, chelsea, arsenal, manchester united) are now turning to ex-players, is because they've worked out that just because...
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    Pep extending his contract?

    football sees serial winners (stein, paisley, ferguson, pep) and/or ideological influencers (hogan, michels, bielsa, wenger) as top class coaches. which category does podge fall into?
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    Real Madrid (H) Pre-Match Thread

    why do the minimum when you can do the mcminimum?
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    Bayern fans are

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    Nathan Ake

    dunno how serious this observation is supposed to be but 1) as others have noted we have the second fewest goals conceded in the league (and only 2 more than a liverpool side which plays 3 holding midfielders every game) 2) hypothetically we'd also have the best defensive record in serie a...
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    Norwich (H) Pre-Match Thread

    three goals' difference is pretty mental considering i) laporte's been out injured for two thirds of the season (whereas van dijk, robertson and arnold have missed four games between them) and ii) klopp plays three holding midfielders every fucking single fucking game
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    and black lives matter couldn't stop dalglish from presenting the trophy
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    Bournemouth (h) pre-match thread

    yeah, if only we were blessed with bournemouth's oh-so-likeable club ethos/fanbase Yesterday at 1:24 PM #29 We need to go full shithouse!......go down with every touch or even without being touched .....roll on the floor with phantom head injuries....take turns to cramp up from 5mins...
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    Players that you forgot played for a team

    i always enjoy reminding liverpool fans that gerrard had a season at la galaxy
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    If the human race was wiped out....

    the pigs would take over
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    Man of the Match Aston Villa Carabao Cup Final

    come midweek he'll realise we were resting the big hitters for sheffield wednesday.
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    Sheff Wed (A) - FA Cup R5 - Pre-Match Thread

    you forgot to have a go at the medical team