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    If it was up to you would you ban the Sun newspaper from the Etihad?

    Absolutely. Time we stood up to these pieces of shite.
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    If Mourinho was at City....

    I would with a heavy heart stop going. I hate the fucker with a passion, even before he went to the rags. Now the hatred has grown to new levels. Horrible man, shit coach and an all round prick.
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    Sterling Penalty - Wenger will face no charge for his comments.

    No doubt. It was in front of me. Clever play from Razza, burst past him and then slowed down to encourage the dozy fucker to shove him over.
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    EFL Cup - 3rd Round Draw (WBA away)

    Can I just say I hate smartarses and those who love to be contrary just to be smug and feel good about themselves?
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    The Most Unpopular Signing

    Fancy coming on here and talking sense.
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    Media Thread 2017/18

    According to the BBC our bid for Evans is eye watering this morning. Why is every player linked with us deemed as being ridiculous money?
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    7 years ago today

    A true character. A dying breed in the dull world of sport now. I will always love the bloke.
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    Media Thread 2017/18

    Frankly if you read the scum and or listen to talkshite then I am concerned about you. Just ignore the wankers. If people stopped buying, listening or clicking on they would soon change or hopefully fold for good.
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    Joey Barton & Paul Lake together

    Another character assassination of City then. With Lakey trying to put our side across.
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    Manchester bee on the shirt

    And yet the media have failed to report on united refusing to put it on their supporters shirts and the fact we are doing it for them. I wonder why?
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    Media Thread 2017/18

    Now just imagine for one minute that we refused to put the Manchester bee on our fan's shirts and we had to go to the united store where they kindly did it Imagine that shit storm? Yet nothing at all in the press. Like there was barely any coverage the week of the attack when Lingard posted a...
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    Pablo Zabaleta

    I love the man and wish him all the very best except when he faces us BUT.... Leroy v Zabba. It won't be pleasant. It was time to move on.
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    United 2016/17

    I've looked and there is barely a mention of it! The Mirror and The Mail and that is it. Nothing on Sky, BBC or even the imagine if that was the other way round?
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