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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Well done Young Boys and the Scum can fuck off
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    Arsenal PL (H) | Man of the Match

    Gundogan followed by Torres
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    Spurs PL (A) | Man of the Match

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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    Feeling fine at the moment
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    Feeling fine at the moment
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    Double jabbed with antibodies and have just tested positive again
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    Leicester (N) - Community Shield | Post-Match Thread

    Was anyone COVID checked? We weren’t asked and it wasn’t busy when we went into the ground
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    Argentina v Brazil | Copa America Final

    Bored after the first 15 minutes so I went to bed. It obviously didn’t get any better
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    Bricking it..

    Good luck
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    England v Denmark | Man of the Match

    Sterling with Walker a close second
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    France v Switzerland | Euro 2020 Last 16

    Well done Switzerland
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