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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    Absolutely spot on.
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    Tennis Thread | Emma Raducanu US Open Champion

    Aye to all of that.
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    Tennis Thread | Emma Raducanu US Open Champion

    I do and I'm sure I'm not alone. Amazing achievement especially for an 18 year old.
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    Tennis Thread | Emma Raducanu US Open Champion

    Not watched a lot of tennis in the last couple of years but that was unmissable. Emma Raducanu - what a champion. US Open Champion at 18 without dropping a set. She beat another brilliant, mentally tough opponent in Leylah Fernandez. What a great temparement she possesses and what an awesome...
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    Premier League Games 11/12/13 Sept 21

    Haha Palace 2 Totnumb 0..... Well that optimism was short lived! Nice one Palace.
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    Women's Team - 2021/22

    Really enjoyed that performance. So many positives especially from an injury hit squad.
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    #20 | Bernardo Silva - 2021/22 Performances

    I hope he stays but doubt he will. Terrific player for us. We are better for having him in the team. His pressing and all round game are immense. That win over Liverpool in early 2019 was his very best performance in many.
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    Harry Kane

    I'm quite relieved that City have not been ripped off by Levy. Kane is just a very sill boy. I mean... Signing a six year contract at Tottenham. I know it would have been lucrative financially but not as lucrative as a move to a club with ambition to win things. Oh times have changed when it was...
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Never thought I'd say this as I've loathed him for years, look back with relish at his 2 sendings off at The City of Manchester/Etihad Stadium do I want City to sign him, even at 36. You bet I do. The deal makes total sense at £21m. He's still got it as a centre forward and that can make all the...
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    Most annoying accent

    Scouse, by a distance. There is literally nothing worse, especially when they think they bloody comedians.
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    Premier League Games 13/14/15 August 21

    They were the first fans to adopt it if I'm not mistaken. They had a fanzine with the same title in the late 80s too.
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    Premier League Games 13/14/15 August 21

    I'd like to see him in light Blue with our Phil and co
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    Premier League Games 13/14/15 August 21

    Agree. Bit like Leeds, they will have the character to bounce back. Watched them a few times. Haha I think someone will find a way. Probably a coach from Oviedo or Pamplona that I've never heard of.
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    Premier League Games 13/14/15 August 21

    The excuses in already.....
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    Premier League Games 13/14/15 August 21

    Everyone needs luck with injuries but I think they will accrue more than enough points. Palace, Norwich and Soton to go for me. Dyche will find a way.
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