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    Chelsea thread 2020/21

    Mendy signing confirmed from Rennes.
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    Carabao Cup R4 Draw - Burnley (A) - If we win R3: Bournemouth (H)

    Do you know when the 4th round matches are being played?
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    Tosin Adarabioyo

    20m for Solanke is seriously hard to get your head around.
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    Sergio Agüero - City's All Time Top Goalscorer | All Time Non-English PL Top Goalscorer

    1. Liverpool (H) 2012/13 - From a seemingly impossible angle. 2. United (A) 2012/13 - Dribbled passed half their team. 3. Chelsea (H) 2018/19 - Curled into the top corner from outside the box. 4. Chelsea (A) 2013/14 - Smashed it with his left foot from just inside the box. 5. Norwich (A) 2011/12...
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    Fernandinho made club captain

    Well said.
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    Squad Numbers - 2020/21

    Going off the line-up from the Wolves game, looks like Steffen was #13. Surprised Ederson hasn't switched to #1.
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    That would undoubtedly be the best CB partnership in world football. Unfortunately for Liverpool, Koulibaly will cost circa 70m and the Thiago & Jota signings mean they only have 60m of the Coutinho money left.
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    Bournemouth (H) CC 3rd Round Pre-Match Thread

    If there is, I bet Pep is well looking forward to it.
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    Guess The Team/Score Compy Session 1 Game 2 Bournemouth (H)

    Steffen Dionkou Harwood-Bellis Otamendi Ake Doyle Foden Bernabe Mahrez (FL) Torres Sterling Subs: Carson, Palmer, Delap, Stones, Laporte, Rodri, Jesus City 4 - 1 Bournemouth
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    If he doesn't fancy living in Manchester then I can't see him wanting to live in Liverpool either. It's inevitable that he'll end up at Real Madrid imo.
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    KDB wins PFA Player of the Year | Shortlisted for UEFA Player of the Year

    Would love Kevin to get it but can't exactly argue if Lewandowski wins it.
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    Bournemouth (H) CC 3rd Round Pre-Match Thread

    Steffen Cuoto Otamendi THB Ake Doyle Foden Bernarbe Mahez Torres Delap
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    Wolves (A) Pre-Match Thread

    We can but the bench is going to be fairly weak by our standards.
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    Wolves (A) Pre-Match Thread

    So unless I'm missing anyone, that's Garcia, Laporte, Gundogan, Bernardo and Aguero all out. Which leaves us with something like this: Ederson Walker Fernandinho Ake Mendy Rodri De Bruyne Foden Sterling Mahrez Jesus Steffen, Cancelo, Otamendi, Stones, Doyle, Zinchenko, Torres I'm still...
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    Who will be our centre backs this season?

    I'd be very happy with that.
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    Fernandinho made club captain

    Not really surprised given we were clearly always going down the seniority route with the captaincy. This will likely be Fernandinho's last season at the club so presumably it'll go to Aguero next and then De Bruyne. I would've preferred it if we just gave it straight to KDB now but I can see...
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    Tom Hardy to be next James Bond?

    Don't like the Brosnan era but Goldeneye is watchable.
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    Fernandinho made club captain

    No mention of this in his press conference.
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    New Season 2020/2021...Guess The Team/Score Compy Session 1 Game 1 Wolves (A)

    Ederson Walker Fernandinho Ake Mendy Rodrigo De Bruyne Foden Sterling Mahrez (L) Jesus (F) Subs: Steffen Cancelo Otamendi Stones Doyle Zinchenko Torres Wolves 2 City 3
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