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    700 Days

    I’ve just nicked this but.... it is now 700 days since a team that is not Manchester City have won an English trophy.
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    Bob Willis RIP

    Rest in peace Bob. An all round good bloke and a blue ( I think )
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    City v Bournemouth in Hawaii

    Help please. Can't bear to miss watching a game,so has anybody got any suggestions on where to watch the game at 4.00am in Waikiki , Honolulu. Thanks
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    In Las Vegas ...

    ... Alarm set for 3.45am, heading for Crown and Anchor, unless anybody has got a better idea. C'MON YOU BLUES!!
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    Lombok Bars

    A long shot I know , but anybody in Senngigi Beach ,Lombok knowing of a bar showing tonight's game. Ta.
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    Carrington / Platt Lane

    Do the club own or lease Carrington / Platt Lane? Are they ours to sell when we move? I'm assuming that Platt Lane Complex will move to our new set up as well? If this subject has been covered elsewhere , please get rid.
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    Sydney Blues

    I'm over from Perth for the weekend. Do you guys get together anywhere in the city to watch the games? If not,any suggestions where to go?
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