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    The Current state of Stretford

    Hi All, Not a debate on the RAGS this one but the place. I moved here in the early 80s so I have spent nearly 40 years here, being a blue Stretford is not always an easy place to live at times but I guess better in recent years I am 44 now and have lost both parents, my dad just last year (just...
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    Away Travel

    Hi All, Can you still travel on the official supporters coach if you get a match ticket (via a different source than City) OR do you have to have purchased a match ticket through City to get coach travel? Thanks.
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    Overall Stats - 2018-2019

    Overall Summary below on all comps, includes the Community Shield game - pretty good! PLAYED: 61 WON: 52 DRAWN: 3 LOST: 6 SCORED: 169 AGAINST: 39 WIN RATE OF 85%, assumes the Chelsea and Leicester league cup games are classed as a "win" as these games went to penalties.
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    My Dad

    Hi All, Really need your help to get me through today. My dad died this morning, he was only 66. He took me to Maine Road when I was a kid and I've been hooked ever since. I'm devastated and am gonna miss him.
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    Bus Lane outside MRI

    Hi All, Has anyone been recently caught out by the "Bus Gates" outside MRI on Oxford Road - and then subsequently fined? My Dad has been in MRI for about 7 weeks - usually I get the bus but my Step Mum and Sister went to see him today so I offered to drive. Being honest I got a bit confused...
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    Season Record (all comps combined)

    Take a look at this: Prem / FA / League Cup / Champions league altogether: PLAYED: 57 WON: 46 DRAWN: 4 LOST: 7 SCORED: 143 AGAINST: 46 GOAL DIFF: +97 WIN %: 81%
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    2018/2019 Info

    Fixtures out: Thursday 14th June @ approx 9am Season Starts: Weekend of Saturday 11th August (or Friday 10th) if Sky have a game
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    Next 10 Seasons - Can we dominate?

    I was thinking back the other day to our title wins in 2012 and 2014. Whilst these were obviously golden moments in our history, it was a tad disappointing that the following season we couldn't follow it up and do it again the season after. Their was a sense in essence that we hit the summit and...
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    Could we ever hit double figures in a prem match?

    I know it seems a little arrogant and somewhat presumptuous statement but could we ever hit 10 in a prem game?. I know we got 10 in 1987 vs Huddersfield. Looking back at some of the games in recent seasons when we have scored a lot of goals but also squandered numerous chances which if taken...
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    2013 Overall Home Record Stats

    Overall in 2013 at home: PLAYED: 26 WON: 23 DRAWN: 1 LOST: 2 GOALS FOR: 84 (Average 3.23 per game) GOALS AGAINST: 19
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    Will we ever ultimately slay the RAG Empire?

    Without wanting to sound ungrateful for our success and evolution over the last few years I sit here tonight completely despondent and pissed off that "them" have got the better of us and the title has been relenquished so bloody easily. Call me deluded but I felt after last season we could go...
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    The run up to the final.

    Has anyone noticed that ourselves and Wigan play exactly the same teams in the run up to Wembley after the league fixture this past week?. Weird or what. Tottenham - Tottenham v City. Wigan v Tottenham West Ham - City v West Ham, West Ham v Wigan Swansea - Swansea v City. Wigan v...
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    Will Silva be OK for Sunday?

    Went off a bit gingerly, hope he's OK.
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    Moyes v Mancini - Why does Bobby always lose?

    The starts are inarguable when Moyes sends a team out against us under Bobby. 8 games, 1 shit win and 6 horrible defeats spanning over 4 years. This cannot be dismissed as a bogey side that we will shrug off, this is now a continual humilation and embarrasement. We are not talking about Real...
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    Do we stick with Pants for the Semi & Final?

    0 goals conceded in 4 FA cup games for Pantilimon, barely tested I know but looks solid enough. Should Bobby stick with him for the semi/possible final OR recall Joe? Could we win the cup without conceding a goal to! Edit: IF we go on to win the cup WITHOUT conceding a goal we will be the 1st...
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    Is anyone thinking of gving up on football altogether?

    Is anyone like me just pissed off completely with the game in general and what's going on now by the authorities? I can't really explain it but now that we've won something after a long time it feels like a barrier has been ripped down in my mind and i'm getting to the stage where i'm not...
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    Will we actually SCORE 10 this season in a game?

    As the song goes YES it could have been 10. It could have been 7 yesterday. But could a day becoming where all the chances go in and it's like Huddersfield in 1987 if not better??. Surely it's on the cards.
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    "City capitulated when Yaya Toure went off to the African Nations 2 years ago" Facts We won 4 out of 5 games The African Nations was last year Stupid Rag Idiot, why don't they check the facts?
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    Is it time to try Foreign Refs in the Prem?

    After yesterdays disgraceful and utterly dreadful performance by Clattenburg and other totally useless referees/officials in the Prem is it time to perhaps look abroad at the solution? I know the idea was muted a few years ago of hiring officials from the European Leagues and bringing them over...
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    Would Kompany & Richards be a better CB combination?

    Could this sort some of our defensive woes? Vinny and Micah as a centre back pairing?. Opinion is often divided when talking about Micah. He is a brilliant right back but I felt against Sunderland he was top class as CB, albeit against a poor Sunderland side. But the thought of him partnering...
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