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    City landmarks not grounds or training grounds.

    Between Chelford and Knutsford
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    Never meet your heroes.....

    Met my second wife in there. someone I work with got disciplined for putting on Facebook what a knob pab was a few years ago . Apparently he couldn’t get it into his head how his house was wired up and just kept coming out with rediculouse requests about how the job should be done .
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    Best goal scored against us

    One that really stands out for me was towards the end of the season in 78. Cyrillie Regis scores an absolutely brilliant wonder goal for West Brom In a 3 -1 victory for them . Unfortunately there were no cameras there to record it
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    Players you wished had stayed longer

    got to be gary owen for me
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    Leeds Vs Man City FA Cup Jan. 7th. 1978

    ...has anyone seen this documentary called leeds utd the wilderness years.this is episode no5 ,a behind the scenes view of the fA cup tie the year before.
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    Does anyone remember?

    I seem to remember clive the book was in charge f this game and gave us the benefit of the doubt over the equalizer.i,m just glad this forum didnt exist when he was about. the thing that stand out from my memory in this game is big joe turning round to us youngsters behind the goal just after...
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    Former players scoring against us....

    there was a time when there was that many ex city players out there that it was inevitable .the ones that spring to mind are barnes for west brom,dave Watson and channon for Southampton.all no doubt proving Malcom Allison that he was correct in selling them on.
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    Footage of two derbies?

    both midweek games from what I can remember,i doubt that any exists,the 1971 game at maine road was the one where sir matt was surprised by eamon Andrews and his red book at the end of the game.footage of this does exist .
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    Forgotten Recent(ish) City Players

    can,t see these two mentioned yet lee croft and andy hill
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    Forgotten Recent(ish) City Players

    Stephen Jordan,,,,clive Wilson.....mark lillis....kiki musampa....spencer prior.....Richard jobson,,,,,steve howey......gary flemming...
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    Worst City Kit vs Best City Kit can only post the link , my very first kit
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    Reducing Jpeg image Sizes
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    City documentary 1981.

    you can tell on the interview that niven is far from happy that his hero Allison has been sacked ,he looks as grumpy as hell when asked his opinion..someone out of this lot was responsible for hounding bond out a few years later.
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    My Favourite Ten City Red Cards Of All Time

    the mike doyle v Leighton james thing seemed to go on all through the 70s.i think james got doyle sent off twice. once for burnley then playing for derby in that end of season 4.3 victory .
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    Best goal you've ever seen in the flesh?

    Cyril regis for west brom against us in 1978.
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    my kids have started watching county

    around 30 years ago when I was the same age as my two lads I started to go to maine road on my own with one or two school two have now begun to venture out on their own,but instead of attending city games as I did they have become regulars at edgeley park,both are city fans as are...
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    the bell waldron

    that made me think of something else that I thought I imagined,,,,didn,t king colin appear in a frosties advert with tony the tiger around the same time
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    FA cup....Nottingham Forest v City 27th January 1974

    whenever I think of this game it always reminds me of woodchip wallpaper,,,, our house was swamped in it that day,my dad was decorating and listening to the game on the radio .every time forrest scored he launched into a stream of expleatives.
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